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FDIC 2008: Training Achievement Award

Fri, 11 Apr 2008|

Captain Mike Gagliano, Lieutenant Steve Bernocco, Captain Casey Phillips, and Captain Phil Jose of the Seattle (WA) Fire Department accept the 2008 Tom Brennan Training Achievement Award.



Thanks load this won't vote because the is this is -- -- notes where they are NetApp have sevenths. We're wrong club. And who gets the -- I mean. But -- who's got so far today. -- -- Yeah that's a big deal got out of since you -- imaginations. I realize that they don't really know what they're talking about it would never brought up -- report. The thing. Don't want a firefighter died we will alert in the same place and they all have pimples on the risks. Because my whole career Pete Wilson delivered via component -- You almost as -- why we paid 800 dollars the product. Icicles that the firefighters 101000005. Old -- oh okay we'll move to the next are you. The police chief and my assistant chief I don't always says -- where did you get that -- it. Sort of made it up. Firefighter. I could never get excited about a one story building fully involved -- schools cannot get excited about them. The -- the lighting situation. I got promoted on the rise times and they're gonna give me the best -- -- -- This is normally -- full candidate did. -- these are not really stupid people and we learned a long time ago. If we didn't stand in a circle and talk we show that we -- -- took a bullet -- -- It's -- you press the deal with nine line of any language that comes out of the other side. Of the firehouse mean city ball you have to do it. And yet should be good enough about it. That you could say anything you want to say in any language that they think they understand reinforce it and get the money and wondered what in your book. We wish you well know why don't think there's a lot of -- left in America and advisers. And would -- I had a very simple leadership. The -- One on my locker was was Vince Lombardi speech about. Second place gains or loses -- loses we'll losing trophy. And the other was a three sentence statement that's. Ready. Fire and he. The discussion of rescue firefighters this kind of repulsive and because. Tactics. -- foreign -- from having the -- First things that the loses you know you guys in these calls that -- -- school's principal. -- over it. Because of the -- I don't know you know very something you know over traditional. Management is his management you know leadership is getting things done and like you -- -- things from being on. And driving and driving success through the efforts of others is really what it is like -- Along. Company level commitment. Who performed selections no matter what you call. I -- going to fliers to people on on a fire -- and six I'm about developed quite put his lowest. For the plots. You know you -- the city a lot of our annual walk to push ahead will be clear when you get this. I was always the one reports the group these guys they listened to your -- -- -- -- matter what they do what you do. I'm gonna tell you stuff and I -- last year. You -- fire service. Call tomorrow and I'll tell India take get old because it's being taken from -- stand so all the fuel -- Perhaps some type of future that you find good to be in charge. I spend a lot of energy away from my boat which really gives you -- In the hopes that maybe some. Old people like me can capture some young hawks like them very. Take over the sports it okay. Good good go. -- Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Diane Feldman and Glenn Corbett. Good morning everybody. First I'd like that call out of this page Eileen Brennan crest Tom's daughter says could be with us here today and she's gonna help present -- -- And now on to training achievement. You might call them the fab floor. The attendant seemed very note go. Captain Mike -- on now. Captain -- does and capping Casey Billups who we like the called the Seattle guys. Our -- fire officers from the Seattle Washington fire department. Who have dedicated themselves to preaching the gospel of air management. The idea of the role of -- management. -- Rome as everyone calls -- now. Got started -- two of their fellow Seattle firefighters got lies that fires and ran out of there. One in a large hotel fire and -- on a large finished processing boat fire and both of the firefighters almost lost their lives. The force the out of guys got together after that. And we're trying to figure out how to solve the problem of firefighters running out of there and structure fires. They looked at the scuba diving industry and figured out the solution. That firefighters have to leave the hazard area -- floor at their low fire alarm active. Many fire departments around the nation have adopted the Rome program as becoming air management standard of the fire service. The new NFPA 1404 standard mandates that firefighters follow the roam wherever they use here and whenever they use here -- CBS. According to Mike Galliano air mansion is just now starting to be. -- a critical component. Of -- and strategic and tactical considerations. But is still slowing coming. Every firefighter now knows that smoke. That they breathe is toxic incapacitating. And carcinogenic. And it's a real mess yet somehow chief and company officers are still content. And letting the firefighters say that they love to breathe the smoke is part of a standard operating procedure. My partners and I are committed to proclaiming from the rooftops. Across America the true leaders in the fire service will -- several management. And managed -- air just like they do every other resource in the fire programs. This'll take guts as it may means you'll be unpopular in some fire -- also mean your firefighters will be safer more effective. And have a better understanding. And a better -- ability of not ending their careers because of that sixty -- or dying. Of cancer. -- smoke inhalation. The Seattle guys have been teaching for almost ten years. They began in their -- department teaching basic fire ground skills. To their members and now they teach nationwide on firefighter safety and survival. They are members of their departments fire department operational skills enhancement training development team. And they are committed to teaching basic structural firefighting to their department and the department across the country. They -- their -- training company called effective fire service training. And they just put out a higher engineering book called air management for the fire service available in the bookstore downstairs. I'm sure they're gonna sign copies to for anyone wants them. Dave -- -- chief. And the author of part of pretty smoke says of these -- the fab four that one breath of today's house. Fire smoke one can Alter your life forever -- simply -- running out of -- a reading out of breeding -- it's no longer an option. Mike Phil Casey and Steve understand this threat and launched impressive effort. To collect ideas develop solutions and broadcast a first class training effort. Your renovations probably have and most certainly will make firefighters across the nation -- home. Tom Brennan would be impressed. For their innovative. Around program. And for their dedication to training the men and women of the fire service throughout the country. We present the fail people are with the 2000 -- Tom Brennan training achievement award I'd like to cop to this date steeper note go. Mike Galley now -- -- and Casey fill out. Spots a piece of hardware it there. I think my -- -- be a little overweight -- time -- -- to the airport this time. Tom -- taught us many lessons. One lesson that he taught us and one that we use it every structure -- is make the building. BA's. Think you Tom. Thank you for taking -- time to listen to four guys from Seattle. Thank you -- For being here today. Representing the entire. Clan Brennan. Thank you did Bobby. Bayer Mary Jane. Julian Jerry and all the wonderful people at -- -- publishing. And fire engineering magazine. To the students and instructors of FDIC. From whom we've learned so much. -- think you. In filing. Two most important women in our lives. Trish. Barney and inland. You -- support make us better men. Thank you thank you all.

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