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Sprinklers for live-fire training at acquired structures

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Frank Ricci talks to Guilford (CT) Fire Department Assistant Chief Wayne Vetre about an innovative system for making live burns at acquired structures safer.



I'm here -- -- entry of the Gilford fire department. He's gonna take this during this innovative idea that he came out quick but I think it's gonna save firefighters' lives and enhance the quality train. We were. Fighting fires and training structures -- we were looking for manpower only look for looking for redundancy. And one thing that I thought I was with some simple materials we can actually develop a sprinkler systems that we can deploy. Had a radio command -- heads are available. -- -- plumbing supply houses. Unions periodically to make the system modular if we had to break this down it running T we would be able to incorporate by breaking the team putting a small section and and basically the deluge system. Once it's activated will protect -- egress. From front to back in this particular situation. -- -- -- -- We just witnessed a sprinkler system in action. The fire service should seriously consider. Writing this into -- you know three. To improve safety during training for live fire evolution.

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