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Joe Downey interview

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

Chief Halton talks to FDNY Battalion Chief Joe Downey, son of the late Ray Downey, about his father's legacy and the late Lieutenant Howard Carpluk, recipient of the 2007 Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award.



I welcome to on the road bombing -- and then today we're at FDIC the fire department structures conference 2007. It's my great pleasure of my friend and battalion chief and it's -- purpose of the New York. The -- of the legendary ray Downey. And now a legend in his own time that -- downing Joe thanks for being here thank -- body fat and I would like -- just say hi to the missing down your brother chuck and we were hoping that -- its Wilson. Do with an inner ear infection -- premiere issue yes. We hope that that's just back up on the streets of London and back to work for him yes and then he'll be back -- nation use disappoint you -- -- future. We always we always like having both of you here for the courage and valor foundation which -- in -- Tony's name. That we do here -- FDIC and chuck and -- -- always gracious enough to come out and help us present. They sure want to return our car yeah it was a little more emotional and it's a great way. And I was pleased to have a brother firefighter from European -- his family come -- -- accepted. A little closer to home a little closer to haunt him. -- -- we for those of you that you don't remember how we lost his life in August. To collapse of the union -- store. While he was. Operating and headlines in there extinguishing the remaining body of the fire. What was so moving. Was how how he spent his last few moments. He wasn't concerned about how -- -- book. He was concerned about the firefighter who's. -- -- -- -- Yeah we yourself what rescue through before we came out and told -- to the guys scored 41 -- -- three about the incident. And they they were taken back by his courage in that situation and condition that he was in and what he wanted to do they work hand in hand -- them. Trying to hasn't stopped working and he refused and it's time I guess he was used in that mode of trying to help -- -- -- Now where do we spoke on the phone chuck and John and we go through this process. Just really reminded us Reagan -- and your dad. For all of us that -- him you know and and just. Absolutely it's held on -- every word you percent when I read that it just remind you of your dad and a your dad was in Oklahoma City again was everywhere that the world -- you Northridge didn't matter -- your -- Where it was when they called for help -- and he would back up his bag. And there and there was sure. Just a remarkable guy so how are things going now it is if you or your work in these days true. Omnimedia rescue battalion which is part -- special operations command where my father was working out of before he was killed. Did you go -- -- -- the job has kind of stabilize as anything else we're rebuilding I think we've done. Not to the point we want to be adding yet the we've trained. -- squads and Iraqis to manpower has increased training he's been great. So I think the -- is in good shape right now. We know the F generalized it was going to be in great -- -- for the world's -- fire department. -- is very little argument there. And and do -- -- -- -- -- don't know anybody who fought for our personal I don't know the current rescue program and in large part. The rescue system that you see -- -- -- usually -- or use our program. -- -- -- -- -- Back in 1989 when you're building in the federal program. He was heavily involved and he brought some of his experience a lot of his experience from the FDNY to national level. And it's nice when I go around I'm part of system on the test closely with the -- was one. And seeing the individuals from other it. States that have worked with him on the program and get your feedback is they do with you and it had -- admire him for his hard work -- -- -- it's nice to do. Coupon. -- I was very fortunate we had a connection again he had -- my uncle who was killed in the line of duty in new York and your dad was approving what my localism. A senior manager an engineer. But he remembered and remember the events and and it was one thing for him it was -- the first line of duty death events that. He experiences a firefighter. And so we had that kinship and then he knew the family. In -- in the Bronx in New York it's hard not for the families to know one another. Especially in multiple numbers -- here in the same job so it's always great to see him will always a -- especially New York area firefighters. Can. Remember a lot of outrage and help to keep British foundations going -- several not just the courage valor foundation is also the -- only scholarship foundation. And the -- -- which is coming up -- -- veteran. Right -- two dad was killed we want to do something in his memory that the family would do and the family organizes a father's statement every year. And -- -- this is is with my mom and it's it's growing it's growing to over 2000 run is almost here. Which for five K Iran in the Iran about you know it's it's a good crowd that's it just not a -- in itself it's a yes -- -- -- -- community event. It's -- he's for the kids we have. The Barbeque and DJ raffle prizes and -- -- your truck obviously. Now we get quite a few finally assuming -- thirteen -- get about three -- So it's not your typical photo analysis showed photos. A lot of equipment is actually -- -- with the money we raised from there. My mom is -- control of -- and we give to foundations that my dad was associated with the felt strongly about. And we don't we hope to raise when he 20000 dollars a year and each year we give them money out -- -- -- -- -- -- in the neighborhood and ease of handling -- money. But the -- -- -- foundation. To my lines we find out foundations and needed. And everything we make is here. And every foundation has raised name on it including courage and -- does exactly the same thing. No one's known -- a job working with the current -- relevant issue. No one makes any money even the speaking tours that we have we have firefighters are -- to speak and donate their money. To the foundations and so if you wanna help the foundation is you want and the father Ron. If -- speaker out there and you -- -- hook -- with courage and valor and do something good can raise memory. And -- memory is really about the fire service. Please reach out either Joe chuck myself will be happy to pitch into the system -- try to make it this year. -- it to be there it. I'll be and that put -- now we're called the applies -- anymore if it weren't so the the elephant camp corporate titans and asked his -- grasses and especially -- -- what -- you know we don't -- -- again I got like the senior masters. Yeah we have Canada in categories such as tough firefight these top green. -- military categories police and the -- tough editor. Yeah. We did nothing of the US favorite show excellent thank -- again and again quick recovery to it to -- we hope that. Everything turns out great formula see you back here again next year yeah your mom and the rest of the family you're always thinking and -- -- -- You race at the bar what gentleman should be what firefighters should be. You know not just -- not about themselves about the first serves about our customers. And we thank you thankfully our -- Downey -- appreciates what everybody does against the Pratt who -- to do it got bush thanks thank you for watching on the road -- -- all.