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CET Fire Pumps- FDIC 2007

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Check out a CET pump designed for both wildland and municipal incidents from their outdoor booth at FDIC 2007.



We're at the outside venue of the FDIC 2007. This is. This is really the interactive part of the show where with Gerri help in the vice president of sales and marketing with CT far bombs. And Jerry you've got one more innovative smaller pumps here today. Yeah we we have a unit here that we built primarily for some while land firefighting. That's going to be going actually Arizona on Saturday -- -- incorporated here is a pump that. We'll do a little bit of of two things one is that'll that'll -- little. Volume of water but to it will -- -- under a lot of pressure so that the firefighter gets a chance -- little bit of pressure. Little bit of volume based on -- varying degrees of fire that he's gonna run into -- that kind of an environment. So in a while in a -- -- have these really long -- 567800. Feet. Where pressure is really the name of the game this would be the ideal pumped for that. This unit will do that and -- in an environment where it's much shorter than that but they need a lot of water. The unit will do the same thing and to its credit. If it's needed and have more municipal environment may be a dumpster -- -- -- far even a small building this unit can fight that fire as well as a nice little phone system on it. -- the opportunity with several pre connects to do a lot of standard type brushfire car fire. Small building firefighting. Now -- We all those seats is a fire -- guys but. You guys mature beyond that -- lot -- far pumps today you know it it's it's an excellent question you asked me because really what you're seeing today is. Is the beginning of a product cycle for us that has taken number of years for us the plan and to put into place this vehicle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bodies made of polypropylene. And we've excited to go into this body manufacturing. Because we felt for longevity. And for service that this kind of unit would be most useful for it to the fire service throughout the different venues that they fight fire forestry municipal industrial. This kind of a vehicle can stand up through various types of environments and various types of of firefighting. Situations. Without having to deal with. The typical issues that come with a metal body. And of course we save weight so that we can put more on this vehicle -- the firefighter gets more punch out of a smaller. More versatile vehicle that he -- she can operate -- one or two people. The trick with building a body. Made out of polypropylene especially for customers who were new to the material is that. You wanna make sure you can address the issues that is the body rigid enough and and whether the flexible characters is a plastic ring good and bad to the industry. Important component to see is this is -- -- -- me indoor and it gives this door especially a high side compartment like this tremendous amount -- rigidity. Which they've been used to in the fire service by using metal doors again has that strength but it's very lightweight again. This all -- -- the features of being able to carry more in this vehicle and the plastic is easily maintained there's really nothing to do that this so -- -- the -- -- provides a great deal rigidity. It's familiar to the firefighter so that the firefighters won't necessarily be suspect of this material when they see something like this in front of -- if you also look at the inside -- compartment you'll notice of course in order to be an NFPA which -- vehicle does that all the compartments a sweep out. -- -- come with adjustable -- gas cylinders to keep the door up. So that -- a firefighter would be up on top of the -- of the body here Steward of this that's slip and fall this this store would hold them up to a certain point of course it's not a staff. And -- indicated as such. But again the whole idea behind building a body of the -- to make sure that the rigidities there and the Foreman a function of it can meet what the firefighter has been used to. Probably the most. Weren't paying enough that I like about it is. The light weight of the body allows me to carry more material -- usable light water I carry more water. With the same TVW. Which translates into less expensive chassis. That's after you hit the nail on the head because this body provides weight reduction I can put more water on this vehicle. Putting more firefighting capacity and -- it and yes getting -- into a smaller envelope from -- Jesse point view. Firefighting today as a matter of manpower. And it's a matter of time and energy to get the vehicle there this thing moves fast and can be operated by one person -- A lot of equipment. -- for a -- and background myself. And I really take notice of those features and benefits soil on various -- and type -- And the first thing I notice on this bridge. Is how clean the top of the rig is which would allow me. Wanna while anti dissident -- put jugs of foam up there fighting it to -- you put your bags up there quite need to. I -- put all my hose up there at the end of the -- it gives me tremendous amount after fires base or mobility. Did you guys plan that in. -- -- what we wanted to do was designed to vehicle so that the top was virtually flat including the tank. Although making -- serviceable tank -- be removed by can be removed. What we wanted to do is make sure if you wanted to carry things independently on -- around you certainly could do that. But that if you wanted to take the vehicle in an environment where the top of that vehicle could be under stress in some way shape or form either by branches or buy buildings. That they're being nothing up there to catch anything on this -- so that you would damage the vehicle. And it came out beautifully. Well I really like about this vehicle is now held down -- everything is. Access is is the name of the game -- and certainly. Anybody above five feet tall I think it would be. Fine with this vehicle as far as getting stuff off the vehicle. Well let's remember -- right firefighters coming all shapes and sizes and both sexes. We've built in everything we could possibly get him to build into this vehicle that's less than six -- also that it can be seen and reached by whoever happens to be. Manning this vehicle. The idea was to make it is utilitarian as possible nice job when -- research and development on this -- thanks watcher Sam thank you.

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