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Draeger Safety - FDIC 2007

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

At their FDIC 2007 booth, Draeger showed off their new thermal imaging camera and SCBA, as well as other products.



With Paul house here at the trigger safety -- Crawler right smack dab in the middle floor I think you probably -- one of the best spots in the in the show and certainly or vice found UBS -- you can hardly get into the Booth is what's -- -- people into the Booth today. -- We've got some -- products we're. Showing and you thermal imaging camera. For the -- service and also introducing and you -- CPA. That's declined to 2007. And -- PA standard. -- of the other things that we don't normally think of trigger as that are that are here to show this this year. Quote a great thing is a and I supplier rating at -- and -- fixed resolution on them we had training aides favourites -- -- and had a handle themselves in in net -- the conditions of chronic conditions. We have that training galleries that allows us to -- train. -- -- -- points prices. And -- that -- areas as well as the normal breathing apparatus that the points icy street. Or he's an Angel say. And then at -- ingredient apparatus. That's on and we views -- -- detonate basis. -- -- over here with your latest piece of rehab -- tells little bit about it. It's the this is the new drag -- This is 7000 system -- new built from the ground up. To make the news -- of the -- 2007. Standards. It uses us not not technology for the communication system. It has a -- news comments configuration. Using a balkanized neoprene rubber on a material by something that no other -- -- -- uses. Today. We had nice not. Electronic Hans device. To exceed the new standards. -- warning systems up -- highly visible. As well as portable tonight so that the parliament and this demanding. -- missing here and damn -- -- It's the only massed on the marketplace that has few statements -- from the list and Iraq and side of the -- -- area. This gives us around Salem and giving it communications. It's also -- the the mass. And communications system that was purposely built we -- is on the two at the -- on two -- -- fully integrated as one would consist. Tell us a little bit about some of your other new products and. -- one of new ones that's we've reducing these the the New Dragon you see it imaging camera. In the camera night gave us some good pitches and when things are looking for is -- -- that was tough and rugged but had a very good. It's quality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who supply the ports with the deadly tools of the camera to supply -- -- that was first class Chris and very clear. In -- conditions and I think we've successfully done that. And then the thing that we've -- in the the -- that today has been excellent. We're now with Bob should care and possible it's also about some of the real special niche products that you have. The first right we have this products -- used to train firefighters. It's using gas is the fuel. And we train firefighters and safe in effect demanding the -- safety. We can train firefighters very effectively this way where they learn basic skills. And then from that point on there are now prepared to enter into the real life fires -- real life situation. One of the fire for the world. Take these systems from the basic -- system -- to train people and -- extinguishers. -- taking your systems and applying to ships airplanes cars. Building specialized training devices. Around the world custom systems we've done systems in Panama Taiwan all over America. And they're very effective and businesses is -- This is the trigger mobile SE BA confidence course basically it's comprised of amazed that it's configurable through the users. We put various hazards inside. Such as manhole covers also. Tunnels that the and habits can crawl through also it is configurable so that they can change the configuration every night. So they don't become acclimated to it. We can do confined space exercises in here such is confined space entry -- retrieval. And everything -- monitored so the inhabitants are safe in and separate control room we monitor -- -- -- cameras. You might consider that yes we survival systems -- a -- a portrait. This is this safe controlled setting for the firefighters. -- -- -- -- Fire conditions -- -- get up close and personal. What we're trying to do is to show the firefighters conditions of the -- -- Fleischer phenomenon. And what actions to take. And that normally any solution lasts about twenty minutes. We will look at several of these roll over flash over episodes if you. We have been at the FDIC. Here in Indianapolis since 1998. We had these systems. In place. Every year. It. Forever for -- survival systems that it's a sellout each year. I believe last year we ran 250 dollars through this year it's 300 and it continues to be the most popular -- Four hands on training the FDIC. I absolutely admitted to distant and it was by far the best thing that happens -- absolutely useful is. I'm glad I definitely recommend this -- other other firefighters who wanna learn about classroom.

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