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Firefighter Cancer Issues

Tue, 18 Mar 2008|

At FDIC 2007, Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton talks to Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder of the Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department and Mike Dubron, founder and president of The Firefighter Cancer Support Network, about firefighter cancer risks, preventatitve measures you can take to curb ...



I have -- on the road probably Altman reliable. And at the SEC thousands. Got me a couple frozen. One guy who needs no introduction he's known to about 25 million this close friends and secret lists. Chief political promote and sons of deputy chief who -- get that direct loans at a loss this season good books. Deputy chief golfers who have the capability and we've -- -- from with us we want to talk a little bit today about. Firefighter -- safety issues in particular cancer so we brought our good friend Mike the -- you've not heard enough from Billy and I over the years. But we really try to get the message out about health and wellness what's going on fire around. How important it is to protect ourselves not just from the small -- from several other issues that are out there that are causing cancer -- -- we're gonna talk about smoke a little bit. -- What happens the firefighters. I can be preventative than what to do if you find yourself in that position. Mikes and talk us through all give -- some great information really happy to have Mike here with the cities you can use with the firefighters -- networks -- network. And Michael give you the website -- all it's a little bit how to get more information. So far are out there who things you may be getting you know the sect guru -- sick. -- can help you if you're not sick Michael Sony which need to -- make sure you get to get sick. Or make sure that you may be sick -- not known because cancers -- Coincidentally as we talk about this that is the anniversary of the when you're passing of our good friend Tom Brown. We've done -- success excuse division after battling prostate cancer for over ten years. Soon. Very fitting that we are talking about cancer today so who are. That's my best friend and and -- -- legends of the fire service. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This I tried it -- anymore farmers -- it was. Cancer -- thanks for being with on the road we'll take you very much Russia actually pleasure Foley's as always have to front load time. It's also about that can support network sure you don't. Absolutely well back into 2003 -- -- -- -- -- cancer and very fortunate to have friends. Brother firefighters it had cancer and so very lucky that you know what -- -- -- look -- to a program. -- -- firefighters active and retired -- their family members can receive assistance and diagnose that he -- so reform the program out Los Angeles -- that I will it will grassroots program and it's sure not mistaken opera non profit corporation now -- -- her Brothers and sisters all over North America -- Australia unbelievably. Kennedy of South Korea here recently so. Are and what we try to do is we establish a firefighter when he made contact via the website or toll free number. We established in the survivor's a similar form of cancer to help mentioned him along the process so for instance -- -- with. With prostate cancers we talk about we associate that with the prostate cancer survivor. And they're able to view that it incites. About what treatments are like it was surgeries. Maybe coming up in dealing with the after effects of those things. On additionally because -- we call eight toolbox that we have available this full of valuable information on that we've collected dust from our organization -- -- foundation American camps and so forth. One of the things we feel important is that firefighters in our community. Our line of work of the alpha male and do you know we generally don't. Knock on the door outside our -- circle -- diseases that we try to open the door -- as many tools possible to dealing with cancer related issues. So what's -- do that in Canada versus walked out of line and give -- resistance -- -- and diagnose cancer. What cancers might continue to experience from our partners more prone to and -- -- that the insurance cells. Well officer friends view versus Cincinnati with -- -- Syria help us out but other ones that we've seen yet. Very calm and multiple myeloma. Not much is full of prostate cancers picked one. -- These are all cancers. They can be devastating it is devastating when you're diagnosed but if detected early most cancers. We're definitely curable if you have to catch early this important fact that we try to get out there and educational campaign and awareness campaign about what type of check if -- you -- -- -- -- -- It also -- you have family -- understanding the importance of getting out aggressively expect believe. How our firefighters. Getting sick what -- it. What are we -- references -- -- I think what we think it is inhalation of smoke and we're figure that inhalation issue -- -- -- -- -- business. Should be brief smoking is always a little bit smoke she's delighted to smoke the worse it is as -- -- -- And -- thick smoke rose NASA. Some cases it's not as these -- excellent. The big wanted everybody wants the universities. It -- this issue. We got the best part figured out Idaho -- Those are -- our best for the most part I think we're on our way. -- bureau notes -- you'll solves that problem if you don't and -- -- simple firefighters can. I understand. The way medicine works on personal losses of smoking in a patch that actually it's worse than message that this is. And doctoral and masters. Set on discussion we had. I can't think of an easier way for firefighters cancer and allow for the -- three dollars. That's scared now and she's. Because I don't many times I come home. How around here on the face running -- developments plus electoral -- and that you're incubating. You're incubating. The -- this is case -- -- stuff. And it's being absorbed in -- system. This you -- after a job go back shower clean up. -- here you know for years basically proud of my wife probably could find any white on it was it was Bill Bennett and everything. All war I don't want any crap here this is killing us lead don't allow that stuff on miles plant -- You can't -- and and it goes even further. Don't touch it's. -- is this it is the largest organ you have. Which equals -- -- -- -- when you're done if you gonna put the exhaust. System on the truck you have to physically touching it which equals. In the mood in Washington you do it the -- harshness. And the youngest art newest greatest sense young firefighters. We we not any more today. Feel invisible. And you can feel it so let's -- if you know -- And we want we want them to feel comfortable on the -- -- -- or you get the country. But we want them to that -- accomplishing its its core. And understanding of the risk that -- confidence and understanding is. Love what we do. We protect ourselves keep donors. Can keep Phillips you. Forty years old beautiful answer -- -- for the stuff you're exposed to -- can't go to fires. -- what what -- possession of what went through a guy who -- contestant who will will you recommend we do well obviously not. You medical expert -- -- -- it's -- caller here's what I went through that obviously when he was most important things that you can do. It is participate in physical hopefully your department. Sponsors but to go in -- of the future. Have a blood -- taken. Have chest X rays done and knows that you say that's a candidate PSA obvious he's a very very important thing and it for those that -- hitting towards the age of fifty theaters and you know you have to velocity. Colorectal cancer. Standing in the numbers number two number three -- country. But is he most curable if detected early and guys don't wanna work -- -- -- Colin hostage to minor inconvenience and you look at the fact of well if you letting go of it becomes an untreatable then your -- join your family. Hey look this yes that users not going to be around much longer verses -- -- have a -- -- service for a day. Well I think a lot of cancers -- people fail to -- -- those purchases it's not about you. It's about your songs and your daughters your wife -- -- again I was very fortunate that my own. Brush with cancer and then just recently because of -- where I -- for a colonoscopy. Found few polyps got to move on admiralty. And -- gonna be fun. Have -- not been there mr. he would not all of this yeah. Yeah yeah you don't like -- and you're out and it's really. It was my it was my fourth or fifth sixth -- I can't. It was no big deal was routine and this time paid big dividends knows he can't think that you know you especially my agent. -- -- -- You're little you understand it -- -- your history you're gonna both of us and it annually guy who got you sit through it wouldn't -- viewers and you longer. So age is really -- things say fifty. Katie Couric's husband absolutely fine gentlemen early forties. -- use it forties. He passed away and god bless you god bless her if she's really is usual players and I don't care what people. You she's not a great news it was a piece of wonderfully the fact that she had the guts to go on -- do that -- in every part firearms agents on every kid. It's no big deal is that I also is as good as digital announced. That listeners -- If you -- and a digital during your physical. Officials from the doctor actually asserts its fingers into the rectum was looking for is bloated and he's filling around for -- usual. That's that's very important. This radio's on the yeah yeah yeah bigger if that's -- it benefits. And on guys laugh about it and that's that's -- but the reality is an. -- -- was -- -- its -- -- -- -- -- new recession and so. -- demand that you get a good physical collapse. Yes you mention briefly that means prostate specific antigen and -- finish poses is this if it's in your system that's correct so the salsa let's talk about our our our system fire -- what should they be. Do and what should -- be looking. Obviously the gals are susceptible so colorectal cancer as well as non gender specific type cancer but of course is important stuff. That -- -- going to the breast examinations we got should be contacted by area in organization is introducing new data. So examinations yesterday's it would fire are -- interest in going home with information on how to -- -- large -- -- -- examination I think. I think it was pretty much a home run so. We're looking forward to making it available for parts of the -- need to go out there and he needs to learn how to do self examination they need to go -- there and get him. No longer be if that's that correct page or their family history understanding and again if they are getting hit it properly diagnose. Just as -- -- -- -- bullet and I'm certainly it was if it was just recently a year. Firefighters San Francisco who died from breast cancers. Female firefighter and -- I visited I was gonna criminality it. It's and I thought I heard somewhere that they can do it's a secular. Physical accident -- -- long long strong foundation essentially about it. -- countless social justice cancer that's correct so it's really an issue that I think is. It's like you're crazy activists and -- talk about it yes you are all ignoring -- everything's it's not -- -- reality is and you hate to say this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just products of combustion that are around you were being exposed to more more dangerous stuff pars yes every -- partisan. -- when we started. Which itself was -- house or perhaps. It's Muslim -- yeah it's. And abilities that are older it's that light was -- and -- that's the real killers. A lot of the stuff that we use -- and how can somebody find. -- -- -- -- -- -- Will -- real real -- -- you on the website it and acted as firefighter cancer support dot org. Firefighter cancer support dot -- the grand deal or on Nazi gold -- -- -- -- era for vertical holes are hotter and there's a link on there unless absolutely. What they call us toll free 866994. -- -- and and that is definitely for -- today. -- -- -- He's 66994. FCS. And hand on this staffed 24 hours days and that call will be directly -- personal wellness coordinator now -- Gordon it's folks are requesting assistance. -- well who's finally gets that's -- that's it. Always. Challenging deal but are locals and fourteen in Los Angeles has been very -- area helpful in getting is something going. We the support of the California professional firefighters -- the IA as well. You were actually are getting ready to launch a payroll contributions program -- we hope that our personal wanted to donate to our program. Can't do this to help us as we grow. We're looking to establish a regional directors throughout North America and Australia this year. And we thought it was a conference and possibly probably don't mind you bring everybody together and talk about his cancer related issues that are very important to us -- Is gonna be here pictured at the Palestinians were going to be listening to a program -- about 400 can support network about survivor. Who -- in your life. But most -- we have an editorial coming out soon. Apparently blown but it will going to be asking people to look at 5%. In recent community trying to lose five pounds or 5% anyway yes try to try to do 5% going to be doing this before it was read the Bible whether it's highly what are you doing. 5% if you're thinking that way and you've lost a brother sister and mom or dad. We use office however -- 5%. And 5%. Of one week's pay a woman's day since the -- -- has sports network and and it just so they go with your money just 5% mr. 5% is confident that if we all -- 5% more every day. In a good way. He -- that the world -- it. Be a 100% better place -- -- -- Louis based -- little lets us as little as you know it breaks whatever dirt that's there that is what a great response. Just -- -- little exercise every day. We really. This. World has. Half hour treadmill lifting -- -- a little -- early next week. So it doesn't take that involved -- -- the classroom appears utilities say you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Under a script this salutes. But he did important things you is that we try to get firefighters to logon to our website and create an account does cost docs. But what that allows us do is have brother sister firefighters going to cancer related issues. It is in need of Euro or -- Forrester or platelets that we've helped firefighters at the university. Of blood or platelets and and that we just an email -- out and immediately. Whether it's Dallas New York Chicago river's we just so that together for these little boys -- ourselves and -- Well I'm. We you know we talked to him recently there -- -- struggles are going through what they've done they've found the -- -- possible -- go with that right now so while -- they've been on the homepage of our website. -- we had members of our program. Down to Los Angeles are. And -- San Francisco contacting. Asian American community churches trying to gives -- -- we can't busting laughter. If -- tested from hero and a try to -- does work. Luckiest people don't know we're talking about a young firefighters are personal. We're struggling with with the cancer and he's bone marrow transplant history as a rather rare. -- -- Ethnic yeah it's this is that he -- -- yeah. -- absolutely. Stuff lets us -- he's gonna and stuff like an eternity -- hearing. You were right there with him didn't you reached out to us we probably do it and not just for firefighters -- -- you know the -- Silva volunteer firefighters out there doesn't health insurers can contact you -- it was try to help these folks asked. Absolutely dumb it is classy thing to associate somebody with an area -- -- -- we also. We asked any firefighter war versus Hauser family members survivor. To join our program -- their -- according to get your name on the list has become -- remember. It's it's a kind of -- sorority or fraternity did shoot nobody really wants to be there but. You know -- -- -- this program and surround myself with these folks. I think it's one of the greatest collection firefighters that we have here in the world is a group of partners -- cancer survivors willing to help others. What is an audience. Wrong. In this race that could use only -- and -- -- -- news until it. News it isn't he isn't what it. Yes it's honest. I was so let's. That's that's going to be nothing -- not for nothing else that -- -- -- -- on its -- these writings and -- and -- on the go out get -- pay attention. Stay well stay away from smoke. Don't play anything it's dangerous. Yeah absences. Solemn -- healthy. Might really thank you for being on the road -- is appreciated thank you very theater I salute -- -- next year we'll take a look if you got an. Questions deserves to be doing a -- in present day for us. We will be great. Plenty of information out there. -- is always my good friend and obviously you on the road and over shirts has -- on the road probably probably mostly on again next time on the.

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