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Chief Jim Greeson interview

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Chief Halton discusses what happens when FDIC is in town with the chief of the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department, Jim Greeson.



I am welcome on the road volley home and we're live from at the SE 2000 zone. And this morning we're really fortunate to be able have some time with she shouldn't reason for the Indianapolis our our great friend FDIC is tremendous fire chief. Leading forces today and use our programs several of the initiatives -- supposed to talk to this morning about -- wellness and health. About FDIC about Indianapolis. And anything else the policy -- -- so welcome on the road and welcome -- Thanks for thanks -- isn't -- thanks for inviting you had a great more definitive program we -- McCormack reviews and how are very fortunate our department engine McCormack -- luckily her -- -- and also runs a training program and training facility just east of Indianapolis and we were able to take advantage unions knowledge and skills to. To spread that there must our department members in -- training self rescue and English training so -- very very portion. -- we were very very very honored equivalent recognizes achievements. Such as for the -- -- -- -- currently does an excellent. He -- engines -- lines. These things are fireflies it's interns they civilians lines in the training he provides some of our services and he's -- really is such a humble guy. -- -- -- -- Smile when you -- uses this yeah and it's on this Molly says science class at the but isn't recognized immediately out of rational means and you know Ryan and his -- her -- be so proud and in you know his. Are initially brought the seating Annapolis and has grown here and the IC panel polishing. Has grown tremendously -- -- we're very very. -- and we couldn't be happier being here and let's hope we get from your -- and the entire city and we can't we can't stop thinking you. Which was department guys like -- round Robin Nickerson Steve all consists. The whole crew and was certainly didn't mention -- really get it but those those men and women you have. All the work they've put in your ground is that people think -- the -- is a week it's a year for the Indianapolis are. Right leadership that the IC -- -- -- now as far as -- times a year and already. On this show there are starting looking for of the program sites from training for next year. Is well underway and in and not only that it -- -- -- see they also -- per carry permit. And they have real jobs are also and and -- our department is going to -- changes now we are merging with those departments around the county. Everybody's working hard here but you know will step back when FB -- -- something we -- in dealing. The city embraces only the citizens -- live here. Kind of now expect FDI CB -- -- early death and when firefighters and we we just love being around the downtown area because there's a there's an -- in the city firefighters and it's very very. It's -- gratification it's very human -- -- -- issues. The absence -- That's district as then that's gonna -- -- it gets here is bringing. -- expected they look forward to us so. It shows so you -- I am very happy. 89 into -- I'd stop by -- trail is go to what I consider more. Manufacturing and rescue to -- strain of the -- burns of burns chambers. The self rescue which are -- that tendon that the train attendant that more strain on our -- -- really. -- -- taxes or physical ability but also accidentally. And we've been very fortunate -- safety program here. That keeps the -- -- meaning here. And -- the it actually term war on Tuesday got rather warm so there was -- -- for the firefighters keep hydrated. I didn't -- any instance history England -- implement so has been very well. Yesterday I stop -- a couple of -- is actually -- -- as part of a presentation and fitness or wellness fitness initiative and Indianapolis that are. -- performance evaluations or our players go through and perform. And been very very well received in -- that's we did that for the first time last year. It's growing we had a lot of good questions and how we are labor management relationship in the -- works so well. So it's the conference is going real well and this afternoon show opens the floor. And -- and we actually have us in new equipment that's gonna be delivered to Indianapolis after the -- so it's on this place. -- -- -- I have to agree and gradually as the colts -- Apple's Super Bowl champs yeah look at the regulations that at least he's -- stadium going up and what as a vote for the show that. It is those wonders for this show. This stay in the newsstand that colts will play eagle -- 2008 season in August of 2008. Once the new exchange complete there will take that currently don't the the RCA dome and -- there are discussing now Allergan and he -- -- imploded or taken apart. Mechanically primarily -- because there's a major role of the road right away that runs right next. And other streets and and also the -- -- anymore of the commissions that are taken down. Once -- -- is down and cleared out. Able bill more floor space -- -- convention space for meetings and what they planned to do is almost double the square that he at this current conventions there has. Which will allow FDIC -- we know we cannot fit everything in the floor space in the -- now visual apparatus and the vendors. It will allow this show to grow. I think currently we're somewhere just -- point 9000 participants today as -- today. You know yourself this show can -- and 35 or 40000. Is it more space motel rooms and we challenged and the challenge actually really comes on us on the park service essentially in the and a to be able to support the show and it's say and this one of those. It's a good problem. That I have the confidence that you know as we really think regionally here as we do things. The fire service will step up and in Indiana and support this show because -- -- select partners. And please don't take this is a shameless plug that would achieve this thing exactly correct if you want to attend. Classes for 2008. We really need to look at pre registration. -- we we were just I think the forty or sixty slots shy bustling up that program. 2200. -- participants. And and really that's. It's not an issue this just has been that we can't get any more bosses. We just can't get anything -- -- as big as it can get it and -- -- very happy to have that problem but we really want people to know that. Coming in net days even if you show that days thinking you're you're right defense. -- be problematic so -- just sign up early. Yeah and and it would be interesting know what we're amount this from the show because on the how many are currently talking from around the country will -- you know one of our firefighters attended last year -- -- -- is -- about the show and as whiners in here. And word of mouth will spread -- show actually anxiously you know yourself we have our callers hear from Europe. Who attend this show on amendment -- them all kinds in the -- yes Saudi Arabia. Sometimes a little bit of a communications problem you know. Well -- stand on handshake will understand Islam hundred firefighters a hand through the universal. Agreement -- trying -- -- an -- and a man of fitness rights it's. -- exit. Nobody out there hasn't it hasn't dented the -- it. Why I think I would encourage anyone to come the FIC not only for the change that having the experience of the camaraderie. And -- hands on training whether classroom experience. And the visit a city that is. Still puzzle bit of a small town atmosphere to it that and knows how to handle big time events. The hotel system here is very calming the restaurant systems the firefighters and an apples are -- culminating. The citizens and those are very and I can't say how many people -- ethnic and secondly online order of business and Eagleburger. That -- what they take away from this conference. The training the experience of exchange of ideas. The technical knowledge that they gain the ability to see all the equipment is here. If they're part of -- department where they had -- In training where they -- a position where they're part of purchasing process and they're trying to clamp for their future. The latest -- the latest equipment. Is on this floor. And you can talk to the manufacturers you can talk to vendors and he took the news is talking uses it very different product development listener asked a question right I did that last you're looking and a at a boot and then that I thought was a very good looks like aggregate the engineer the guy who designed the it was on the floor. Sit down with me went through the -- took apart shall -- worked out what went in the construction of the and I don't -- if -- get that anywhere and in this in the net -- And have exposure and I was citizens through this is the first serves to show she -- deserves -- advisory -- And we actually take every single proposal. Original class engines will -- guys that looks of those proposals -- -- to select. How close are chosen here this far surveys -- and I'm very proud of mr. bikini in the in the -- wolf only. For allowing us that -- fairly long and while allowing just of that kind of latitude that kind of authority firefighters have the authority over the issue. And I can't say enough about the kindness mr. -- shows in the inner city he's he's a wonderful man. And I've listened -- some very good conversations and that would have him with him. And participate in those -- he's very gracious he understands. He really understands the firefighter culture. The -- into the fire fighter and entered the instructors here. Are are getting instructions are there any information they're they're teaching technical skills. Four firefighters and take back to their cities or departments and actually make a difference and save lives and in this he can't -- In his -- -- really comes out of the tank commander right and he really gets it he gets the true he gets the tree gets the discipline. It's just a wonderful the military does understand our -- -- our director of public safety -- Indianapolis is a retired military man. He is very supportive and he understands that you have to get to train the troops and equipment to the troops to do their job and her -- that this review -- the same way program. -- we thank you for being on the road thank you Brothers and you back in India Jennifer love it actually to get back and a couple weeks and does it again thank you can't -- we'll show you guys you definitely. Students -- -- -- or stuffing on on the road and we'll see again that's.

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