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Firefighter Rescue from Below-Grade Situations

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dan DiRenzo discusses how to incorporate the personal harness when sending a firefighter through a hole in a floor to rescue a firefighter trapped below. Sponsored by Globe.



-- over the future of the first. Get the best product best renovation. All driven from the comfort -- what the proper broad. And are drawn to your -- network that's -- to tell the story. I want firefighters. -- is the from the we're -- -- every day we're gonna bring. We'll provide the product you're gonna help them do their job yet. Yeah. -- in the ruins of this segment came -- we're gonna do harpers are trapped in -- great situations. And it was -- go down and get these five -- First things need to doing his best -- determine if there's no other access issues we intend to get into these -- I didn't exterior windows grade level who is really being tears there's. If it is determined we have to go from above those last resort effort it's extremely dangerous -- -- five purple bulb burned down through -- situation. -- do here's discussed two techniques to integrate the personal -- into techniques that have been involved with proper rest your rules you will support. The first was going to be utilizing -- -- the wrote. Becomes into the far for -- -- point. -- -- -- -- Funded through at this point no so far player it's sitting. Between the two quarters the way it allows them to get lifted up and into the hole -- to farmers -- him down. What's the five -- gunned down to the ground. The fire flares -- then think that you wrote to separate them before -- lines about what we're now gonna break up the way. Two to four and should be the most arrest here's the one thing we gotta be careful on the upper floor here it's a stability. Run the risk of possible secondary last week floors so if need be we can stabilize with the interior doors or something -- should do it. We'll now go down below its the other rescuer. Traditions from his lower line to the gunfire for. Rescued from -- down into the -- well he's got a look at Delphi for. Reaction to the floor brewers lowered -- prepares to removal. The whole time leaving the floor like the cuts and -- minute. In the case of the ghost won't you be removed from the situation he's -- hooked up. Rescue -- president create the secondary cut report on the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Want to -- to remove it from his lower system. To go -- effort. Sure that the court is closed if -- -- line. He sure isn't far -- on -- whole. What Safire a personal level if you -- reputable. Here verbally by the -- All. You assistant removal. -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll civilized fact that -- -- hopeful -- then be removed from the situation. Most touching his complete below. The rest -- far far from below -- probable line to indicate that he's ready for the removal. The second technique for -- afar for himself -- situations going to be utilizing. The handcuffed not. -- wasn't -- not removal method that's been used previously this time once again we're -- incorporate personal Horace. Pick up -- removal can also be done with a figure report. But by using -- -- maneuver if that's the -- of the second -- -- first initial plea of not working. Would revert back to war -- not on the -- and norms to streamline the popular move. Once again is also provide us for -- support from. Using two different color ropes is key here because -- locals to. Distinguish between the lower half -- the upper half of 54 walls and an indication. We've touched -- on them one. To give to keep them together and two that week celery and drop it then we can attach it to the firefighters. The person to pick up not. Just gonna go. -- -- -- -- -- You can go across the loops where this is our service for rescue you can go right to pump your whole separate sets me to have him as well. And create himself beneficent -- what this is just for -- when we get downstairs and see how -- -- the author -- for the race. Once -- once -- things attached. The thing with the previous method for -- -- -- restaurant. Not once upon first on the Florida farm -- -- the ropes -- -- -- support from. Now below the rest you're done -- -- -- -- you located 54. Once again looking at five -- to go ahead and packaging papers -- We'll drag into the hole is left. Them your respect for his move. Leaving the -- is lower on the -- -- -- -- -- you have to follow -- look here's who remove. The -- not at this point -- -- technical not -- cuts to popular look at to -- At this what we -- two lines are attached to the opener before our first. Now the difference is we pick our next line or go to the rear locating the Wii strap of the personal hornets. That's inferior. We now have one -- the front one line through here we remove Arafat for Oklahoma opened them. -- -- -- -- Located normal that are on the whole. The communique the -- review the wrote. All. Mr. blow a hole if you thought -- -- line. Notice by us the project Caribbean -- lower family of five footer. That won't be clear that level of -- -- -- -- supported located lower on the torso but -- -- popped -- five -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Once again the -- far preferable communicated to our first -- tiger on the line. -- Notice settled lower and if -- -- -- -- from the bottom have -- on a personal thing you know we'll ability to look up in the awkward out. There is no right or wrong way to respond to -- Favre rumors you're required so for removal hopefully we've provided you couple options for -- -- ever encountered -- situation. -- -- think we'll first sponsorship thank you for watching -- states that.

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