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Tips on Handline Stretching and Nozzles

Mon, 7 Jun 2010|

Joe Berchtold looks at fog or hydraulic ventilation, in which the engine company uses a hoseline to vent a fire room.


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I'm go -- well. Welcome to -- humans. Today's -- it we're gonna covered yet. But novel and -- -- -- The -- you want to be concerned about one shocking ignore a simple wood shot. Can make a big difference between success we're expecting -- getting their successfully safely -- -- in the line means according to wire. Having it sparked an outlet company the door and never getting water on fire. It doesn't take long and every fire -- should be carrying a pocket bullet shots in order to successfully complete this stance. You Sox could not happy being the expense -- -- simple wooden stocks -- me back bypass. Any -- adultery cockpit door is willing to -- the line -- -- successfully and safely and quickly it is to unify. Our next it is what firefighters are crawling into a smoke filled building a structure they might not had any idea how or how hot sealing -- me me me. They have -- both want them they need to use that. Making it hard line on a tight pattern picking one slick sleek little -- -- feeling we'll tell them how hot that feeling temperature it. If all the water comes back. It's not doing well the truth is some of the water on the back -- is now across the around who wants is well. If patients out lined up there and nothing comes back it'll you're saying no water comes back it is well above -- wanted twelve degrees. They should indicate to the fire -- that. At this chilly temperatures nearing flipped over night and it. They should seriously think about how much further they're going to -- down that hallway until they -- -- that's the five. It could be easily putting themselves in jeopardy by getting themselves into useful -- -- Quick. And even with the -- clothes line in that room glances over they're going to be caught -- This is successful easy to hit the use -- -- in -- heat and smoking if another -- fire fighters can do it to sweep the -- front but the whole line. It could be used -- commercial structures vacant structures or homes -- -- suspect that severely beaten by. By sweeping the waterfront them with a line gonna tell them a couple different things. One of the water -- You know my apple in war or hold. Do -- the -- -- this means the war may be extremely hot and -- them indicating definitely appeasement by. Three by -- a warm front of them we might be moved last debris. Needles or any other type items that would mean there are crawling ability while we're moving inside the structure. Hopefully he did you can see on higher ground -- -- -- thanks a lot green.

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