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On the Road: FOOLS and Training

Fri, 25 Jun 2010|

Bobby Halton speaks wth Captain Brian Arnold of the Oklahoma City (OK) Fire Department about the Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society (FOOLS) and their involvement in firefighter training.



It was still under Oklahoma City this morning comes from starting version of the reason this is happening because the mid America fools. -- up by Brian Arnold on the particular endeavor are all about trying. Gross misconception out there -- schools are about. Yeah we have a good time you know we like to let our hair down and actually shave our hands and involvement today. But primarily the rules about training and privatization. And social networking. And really meaningful way -- training comes first though it's turning saves lives train every day so. -- -- -- the original senate. So here -- all fun and all this together we're gonna try to do here today. Chief today we're gonna be working on doesn't test -- different types of attacks. Not only do we have the water the legacy attack that's going on. But we also have ultra high pressure also the caps in -- that we're going to be on hand and making attacks. We have. Three different sets to begin -- that are. Regular assortment of bedroom furniture and never gonna do additional -- -- -- materials. Today is just -- day we don't have any students we have all very very experience. That's important -- -- out here for the last five days this is trading hands on trains towards classroom -- -- -- didactic Johnson's -- people who classroom. Tony young tech came down just kind of Green Bay when the instructor on the essentials plus. So -- spend a week of training culminating with some brand new innovations that the -- gonna -- -- hands on. No one gets the upper hand no one's no one's got -- going -- big dog. -- spiral lance and then what I call conventional. Analysts were legacy can don't make me feel old. Where were fortunate into the -- -- is out here. With the UHB -- pumps. UHU stands for ultra high pressure ultra high pressure and it's something that is is brand new for us here and -- you're right we've we've already -- several days of burning. This isn't the last day we've actually got three more days according to do as well. A lot of our departments around here and and the fools. All the instructors out here and volunteer their time and efforts to -- -- not only the press -- But also to deliver the changes -- the next time somebody in the firehouse is why you fool yourself before because dream maps for -- are about turning. Brian thank you very much appreciated and see all that moment.