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Working with Outside Agencies

Fri, 9 Jul 2010|

Chief Robert T. Heath of the Kingston (MA) Fire Department discusses working with outside agencies.



On January 7. At about 11 o'clock in the morning we responded -- sprinkler alarm. At a local. Beer distribution. Warehouse. Upon arrival we found out the reasons -- alarm was going off the building itself was collapse. The snow load on the rule the land and the rules will -- There were a number of people in the building. And caused an evacuation. We needed to make the -- safe. The building itself is approximately 1000 feet wide by 500 feet. And it has -- floors including an office area what it is a regional beer distribution. Plant. In addition to having to evacuate and occupied building brutal roof collapse the impending danger for the rest of the structure. We are also needed to a notified. A bunch of outside agencies. Some of those agencies included -- And emergency scaffolding. Shoring and engineering company. Safety was Paramount in this incident. And by that I mean it would be building I'm sure -- unstable. It was having the potential for more collapsing. So -- we did is we set up a safety sector with a number of safety offices reporting to our main safety office. What they did was have accountability. For every one going in and out of the building. If you what's essential -- weren't allowed to build what she engineers arrived on scene. Plan of action was determined. And they -- figured out how they were going to shore up and stabilized the building. The recommendation of OSHA was -- we maintained. -- security and if for the fire department had control of the building for approximately 48 following -- Through this we were able to control. And watch old -- the whole process of securing the building and make sure it was done safely. And at that point. We turn the building back over to the owners. One thing to mention is -- in an instance like this need to be sensitive. Without -- economy. To keep a business. Still working. In the end. The uniqueness of this incident. Showed us that. Building collapses. Seen safety institution of the safety officer. Managing an -- and specifically working with outside agencies that are not normal first responders. Our needs to be coordinated. We all need to work together. To get the job done. Specific -- that would be learned from this type of an incident is it's not something you deal with on a daily basis. Regardless of the size of the department did you come from a tip from me might be pre plan. -- -- local contractors. Work with your building inspector. Know who you can get in there as an engineer it to make the building be safe -- to tell you don't let anybody in it but pre plan. Think of these things ahead of time. Get them in place so -- when you need them you've just got to make a couple phone calls.

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