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Incident Journal

Fri, 9 Jul 2010|



Whether or not your season by a veteran or brand new recruit. You're always gonna have thoughts and reflections. Of the incidents that you respond -- One of the things that I recommend to people is that. You try to bring back at least three far from every incident to respond -- -- of the old -- -- respect and we'll tell you to. Keep a journal. Or walk. For your self. You can call -- a -- debrief. A self critique whatever your. But it's important to remember that every response that you go through has composed -- -- positive. And negative. That you can bring back and learn from. Some examples of what I just -- would be. Your response. How would you respond to an answer. How did you receive the call. What do respect tell you we're going to. Importantly what did you see when you arrive. What was some of your actions that you took. -- to pull up on a house fire that had not been shown. Go buy a water supply. Did you pull up on a house fire that had people at the windows and the second walk. When he arrived on scene to a medical what's the scene safe. What measures did you take to make the incidents it. Some of the things that I looked at from my perspective. Would be. Is the personnel. Trained to a certain level is the training working. It's the incident being handled efficiently. About the apparatus is the apparatus that we -- fit the needs. Is it working good. Personnel working as a teen. -- this -- in this perspective I can say yes because I brought back those notes and I and I have put them to work. Additionally. Some -- you can give it to building construction. Pre planning. Size up these -- things that you know before hand but when you get to the scene they the same as what you thought -- war. If not structure note down. And that would be good information to spread to the rest of the -- One area which. I have found that it was very helpful for me over the years was by importing the information that I had. Bring him back to who took the -- writing in my journal about incidents. Help me take cool com. Did I have an opportunity to to think my way through a process before right. -- One which might be going to a burning building. And make sure that I had the water -- in the host and I make sure I had adequate backup what. These -- things to bring back with the insane I'm not gonna do that again walk I need to really find too -- -- These are just a few of the examples that we use a couple of spots that I have to pass on to you -- Xia. And if I can impress upon you get -- a journal had a paper in your pocket tape recorder. Think of things. Salem right -- At the NB -- career when you pull out all of these journals. And you take a look at him you can really reflect on what you get over twentieth thirty years.