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Importance of Seatbelts

Fri, 9 Jul 2010|



Like to take this opportunity to talk to -- about something. That a vast majority of fire and rescue personnel. And -- on a daily basis. However there's still some -- what's. That just don't like the idea. What I'm talking about is seat belts. And safety. What you need to do -- is you need to have a policy. -- enforcement. In place. For members to be seated. Seat belted. And safe. A savvy -- officer. Years ago told me. That my safety. Started would make. Even -- all somebody's gonna tell me -- me know -- I told me I have to operate safely. Seat belts is one way that I can start. Simmons excuses that I hear. I can't wear my seat belt -- my -- -- on our missed. Find the straps. I won't be able to get out quick. I'm not gonna wear a seatbelt it's a natural thing. It just uncomfortable. They hurt my neck. -- you know what let's take a message from our children. When they -- the car they have to be -- and secure. We should lead by example. Very important. To operate apparatus. Safely. And efficiently and that includes the use seatbelts. Wear them. Arrive at the scene safely in one piece ready to go to work. And above all it department should have a policy. And understanding in place that all members. That respond to a call. On fire apparatus. Will be seated and belted. Look at it this way. It's one more component. That allows you to go home -- -- --