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Highway Visability Safety Vests-1

Fri, 9 Jul 2010|



How well. I like to talk to you today but one of the latest buzz words and topics in the fire service. It's created by. The latest CF far from the federal government regarding. Highway visibility. And safety -- Whatever your department chooses. For a vast. Needs to meet the latest -- -- far. In the grand scheme of things -- -- three ship far was designed. To make. The emergency workers aren't seeing more visible. And whatever -- department chooses. To do. Either -- issue -- -- Or law to issue a best while riding position on apparatus. Is designed to make. The way you operate -- -- -- safer. Important part to remember of 23 ship far is that the -- Are to be worn. During certain instances and emergencies. When you are on federally funded highways. That's an interpretations. To be made by each department. Now there are certain times when you are not required to wear the facts. During fire englishman operations. During the -- occasionally using the jars. Which is fairly obvious because he best can become. Trapped within -- -- operation and you could get injured. Also -- during Hazmat operations when you're working in a hot. And the reason being from the heat. Chemicals is because that will lead to degrade. -- not. Also true there's a caveat in there at that states that at the discretion of the incident commander. Where he feels that it would not be -- for you to be in the best. While many members of the fire service are questioning the need. For these masks. They think that. The vast. Visibility. Can be covered by -- -- -- This is not true because -- CFR. Does date how many specific. Minimums or reflective. Trim must be in place. If you remember years ago. The fire service went kicking and screaming wearing hoods and bulk opinions as a -- There -- in place now. And just about everybody put -- on. Just like a second have a skin. Sooner or later the -- will be the same way. Keep in mind that. In 23 -- These vast -- -- the colors that you need they can need to be this green. Or -- they can be a red orange type of McCullough but and any rate you must checked -- -- to see. What color. And what type of rest will meet that rule. And a point to remember is -- -- turn Nokia. Sometimes is not compliant. Because. The minute you get into -- heat environment. The reflective -- and the security of the -- is gone. Very importantly. You not in this alone. Hockey in neighboring fire departments. See what they're doing to comply. And work it out to get.

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