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Fire police cooperation

Fri, 9 Jul 2010|



Have a tip I'd like to pass on about cooperation between fire and police services -- scenes. Now this is a very simple -- for simple idea but I have seen -- forgotten. And had firsthand experience -- having to deal with the consequences. Probably the easiest way to illustrate the content it is for me to just tell a story the way it happened to me couple years ago we had a suicide our town. Course we showed up stately show up. The local fires are showed up and local restaurants are -- -- have to have to volunteer my -- it doesn't matter equipment are professionals he usually in the point holes. We quickly determined there was a suicide it now becomes a crime -- for -- gets posted and I get posted on 100 points so obviously no one -- -- -- the cards. On standing there and a couple people come marching up the driveway heading right towards the victim's body. Like they had a right to be there. Didn't identify themselves. Didn't tell me who they work and I. Told them no you can't go here you you have to leave and don't. Indeed they get a bit of offended. I got a little starter had to actually lay hands on them and and very sternly and physically ordered them off the property. Well it turns out that these -- two new people. With a volunteer fire rescue department that I didn't know based on the had a right to be that they were called to me after all by the radio obviously I knew who they were. And it was lot of misunderstandings hard feelings. Let's -- I'll be avoided very something. If you just go to staples. Get -- -- -- -- -- -- you clothing whenever you're on scene. Almost -- understandings can go away. He can assist your people carried us in their. A so so I guess the concluding point here is. That when he would have large professional full time department are small rural part time volunteer department. Don't assume. That all the police personnel know all the fire and rescue personnel and vice Versa. And it would fire rescue department don't assume that the only police -- -- be unseen going to be the local police who know you. Because at a serious scene you don't have in addition to other jurisdictional place very -- public unhappy state police as well.

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