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Bowstring Truss Roofs

Tue, 7 Dec 2010|

Paul Dansbach discusses the dangers of bowstring truss roofs with Deputy Chief Steve Kalman of the Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department, as well as steps the department took to identify these roofs after the deadly 1988 Ford fire in Hackensack.



-- I'll pull -- back and welcome. -- -- -- -- -- They were to building that's constructed with a heavy timber bolstering -- -- As you can see the boasting trust through his exposed there's no trust law any firing -- buildings -- -- -- what firefighters. With a heavy caliber hose stream and have direct access puppet of the trusses without any obstructions -- host for him. Joining us today is deputy chief Steve Calvin of the hackers -- -- -- Back in July 1 1988. Hackensack fire department suffered a fire -- -- at Ford dealership. That we chief -- -- it was a little bit about that fire and the actions that if that part of -- After that far if subsequently at that fire fight members acts act -- on Paris Club at the -- the fire. The difference at the -- fire which was an auto dealership was that the -- truss -- was concealed. And the main body of fire was in the -- areas involving -- materials. Which currently stored in the trust area. -- at a subsequent results -- that fire was the failure to identify the type of construction which was the bolstering truss -- And since that fire immediately after that fire steps were taken to identified. Every truss -- in the city. -- going and actually looking at every commercial buildings in the city and catalog that type of trust it one west ham. -- fire. Exposed to dangers. Of fighting fire truss construction. Couple of the construction features of this building that we wanna point out are the ability of the fought apartment like that -- by the trust is from the exterior of the building. As we view the -- we can identify the areas of support by the brick columns that are constructed. Into the exterior walls. These brick columns are visible from the exterior for the firefighters to recognize. We're the -- are supported on the exterior wall. We also noticed as we move the camera through the building. That this is actually double trust me that's who trusses are lined up in the same horizontal plane standing side to side of the building. Once trust is actually open there's no trust -- it's a wide -- trust things. The other part of the building where the second trusses supported is actually in a concealed space. That is a danger to the fire service of firewood -- to -- -- that concealed space or originate that concealed space the fire and growing intensity. Posing significant damage that I trust me -- failure that trust and a large area collapse. As I mentioned earlier one of the first actions taken by the department. Immediately after the -- fire was -- recognition and identification will trust in the city. They were also placed in a database computer aided dispatch system so since that time. The information was given to the company's ponders upon dispatched along or fire. At a building consisting truss construction. Another action that the Hackensack -- -- what was to require that all over the truss -- were war. We identify with a -- located on the outside of the building. We're gonna look at one of those placards -- a minute. That local ordinance eventually became -- in the new Jersey state uniform -- Which requires that all buildings with its better constructed with some forward for us. Identified with a placard on the outside of the -- The -- -- trust -- of this building is easily identified by responding firefighters. Because of the unique shape of the roof. Not all truss roofs and vote for Entrust troops will be this easy toward -- -- -- Some -- we'll have a power to war on the wall built around the perimeter of the building to hide or disguise that roof. Firefighters that must deploy other means we're gonna fight truss -- on the go. Or inside the -- we've talked about where the -- were supported on the exterior wall. It was easily identifiable by the brick column inside while we have the same feature on the exterior -- the building. Here we can see where the brick column is built into the wall firefighters' -- identified where the trusses supported. I'm a brick wall. One adolescence -- Aren't from the -- fire was the failure to identify the type the construction specifically to bolstering Ross Rubin the associated dangers with -- saying. All spoke about the placard in which is required by city ordinance shortly after the fire insures that the company officers -- of the first arriving units. Have a better shot at identifying any -- truss construction. The sign is seen at background trying to assign. Needs to be placed within five feet of the entrants of any building consisting of -- trust -- fourth -- system. The verification of -- -- struck with truss roofs of Paramount importance of firefighters. Thanks for watching this session of -- hearings training that.

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