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On the Road with Bobby Halton: Dominic Coletti on CAFS

Fri, 25 Jun 2010|

Bobby Halton discusses the use of compressed air foam for interior firefighting with Dominic Coletti.



-- were -- in Oklahoma City and I would have my friend on Nickelodeon stuff was extensively -- FDIC insurance for -- engineering. Major player in the -- world works. -- corporation and with walkers and all in -- major manufacturers insulting on the phone primarily. Associated with the they'll -- company. But you have -- just about everybody under the sun as far as compress their home firefighting goes. To a new home and -- -- -- -- firefight here -- gonna do. If you go to real quick 32 version. How -- compressed -- foam. Fight interior fires what's the what's the theory and you have -- The theory is we're taking water and making it creative but I've worked. Increasing its capability -- rookie. Stick to. Vertical horizontal surfaces to cool fuels were taken -- what are we going Houston. Making it much more effective -- what what are supposed to do actions coal fired this news. Full services -- -- fuels below. The point at which they -- wallpaper. That fire out very quickly. It's -- double -- under all they have become with some of those questions after -- accounts and actual -- Obama's side and get a few questions answered. It's all tools toolbox will be out hearsay and use this tool -- -- use that tool is saying no what tools are available for use of law. Probably -- -- live in Oklahoma City with live fire.

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