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On the Road with Bobby Halton: The Devil's Claw

Fri, 25 Jun 2010|

Bobby Halton takes a look a the Devil's Claw, a new tool for truck work that allows a firefighter to easily remove large swaths of ceiling.



Am out here do some homegrown innovations. We're Oklahoma. Where we've found -- -- ring few months ago the which is -- incredible tool. Now we're sitting here with the devil's claw. -- the most unique -- and tools are -- in a long time I was watching the guys. Pound this thing to the side of -- building turn out the drywall. The wall covering the insulation incredible penetration incredibly durable. -- well designed tool. I'm here at. Slid I -- that follow him. While working its -- with the major role in. Having trouble getting through it. Look at it. So this went home. -- -- -- -- -- Battling to make it -- that was capable. -- -- -- -- Sobriety guys use this on the streets right now yet we currently have several different models that he's come up when you're several prototypes and Denis finally settled on this one after several demonstrations lifted -- just trial there. -- on the -- -- right here's a fiberglass handled. The handle on the end of it. He's also got him just illustrate handle and not a solid metal handles well which -- -- a lot of weight of this. Love the fact that it's got great penetration when you're going through the ceiling and walls and the amount of surface here that you actually -- -- when you're doing overhaul you're searching for fire extension. Is incredible so much more than a traditional Michael. Well I can see we can get you gonna get you drywall you gonna get you -- -- -- gonna that you -- your stuff go in Egypt chicken -- behind -- just an incredibly dynamic well designed. Tool just really great innovation from the from the fire ground. And and that's really great ideas come from -- guy gets his butt chewed on the fire roses I don't let that happen again and he builds a better tool and that's amazing. The ones with the metal handle them -- -- -- right now in everything from fortunately -- it tonight bootleg so he gave me like the kids one is that when he gave it a smaller version right now I know that he had here. Both the ones are carrying -- my -- currently the metal handle straight handle on it I like a little bit heavier on the -- some guys like -- little -- lighter weight on it. But it's it's balanced out really really well with the majority of the -- Is it the working and that. Which gives it to did penetrations. That's it it's an incredible -- -- -- website or they were people can order this -- coming up it would it's. So an apology devil's -- something. Probably at that -- people. Check back as far as -- dot com or check back and -- jury's going to be a technology today were on the website how you can order room. For right now know the double claw its comin' to your station. You're gonna want this in your hands -- your next fire.

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