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Metal Outward Opening Door

Tue, 6 Jul 2010|

Battalion Chief John Buckheit and Firefighter Mike Perrone of the FDNY demonstrate how a pair of firefighters with irons can force entry on a metal outward opening door.



I'm John Buck right back with another training minute I have -- today -- -- wrong. And we're gonna show you some of finer points of trying to get through. -- -- -- opening towards these can be tough to woods question many times does get discouraged. Sometimes even give up trying to -- What's the it to be essential to that we need to do that in the ventilation search. -- this mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although again we get a -- presidential votes. Yeah on on the -- commercial and commercial buildings and commercial boats and and please the public assembly gonna come through partners generally that they want those -- -- you know we're opening. According to code. Can we show my indeed tell you have a the -- way goes out of -- -- Mall stores -- made. When it. What -- -- On the back at the -- this scene is on the stops audited door so wanted to techniques were gonna do it to get the the how in -- to -- walk -- the opposite side door so we'll talk -- unlocks. Pull a blowout. Is we're gonna wind up. Trying to crush the door using these these new gen new. When you -- just bought it bought a lot of times most of time effect that's scene will stay you'll separate. And -- we're gonna show some techniques of from. Pending that piece of metal that straight CNET state. Later one wanted to show it but most wasn't it like this if they're not a lot of I was told players the manufacturers to war. That if you see no seen it resists seeing what they welded it and grind. The -- -- stores -- maybe do generally does seem we're gonna use that seemed to our advantage and we're gonna go all renowned actually show you how to introduce into the gap. On on that there on the stores. We're back and we have this prop that simulates area mental outlook opening tour. -- -- during its really it's got very tight it seems that the ability. Detroit showed you the road -- between two firefighters. And we have some lines -- it we're gonna. -- -- -- -- -- We're burger that I wanna come in here and obviously if the door and obviously -- -- -- be workers here about a lot of for the signal they were gonna work on a section on. What I wanna do is -- wanna be able to drive the ads into like it to stop. At that point. I'd like to give a little bit of a downward motion do that to bite the top of the it's into the edge of the door so it doesn't pop right away -- -- Google's and pop out. A lot of times it's the -- is really ties especially on these these taxpayer. Nearest store. -- I'll calm down and out and I'll just come out -- tool I have to go back in there now and crushed the edge of the dual to get this adds to play past the stopped. -- -- -- Once we do that and -- is tested tool on the outside we -- you will use the -- and pop into route. -- -- We're gonna try and do this if it's too tight for us to drive these -- and we're gonna go to another massive. That they have got that -- -- a plan B plan C in -- okay ready John could hit. Obviously it's it's much too tight and we questioned the -- to -- -- at the ads. Getting that type sites and so we're gonna use the lady -- is a -- Shaw or he's gonna use this this -- it. Right right into -- she's cute and I'm gonna drive that in. I get that accent. We're going to be home where you just have to do more steps -- -- -- Good good we got to stop. Now the next step what I have to do now is get -- acts out of my way we made a -- made the purchase I want the acts out of carry. What I -- it's a 12 deal. If I'm not on the roof why worry about waiting taxes go with prominent doctor -- -- -- -- way I'll take 12. Welcome on this side and -- live now hit this -- -- I did block -- threatened and actually -- -- cut. That would do two things don't get that out of my way Clinton get the ads backing. And crushed down. And by hitting towards the door they'll actually increased -- In the -- -- could do it that would reform on the -- I really care where it's at schools don't want to halt the slide move. You want -- -- -- on here I can drop this over to -- it. And -- Towards the soft law which will tune in to remove the acts -- president's allies from my ads in -- -- -- -- -- got a nice big purchase -- Now if -- myself. I can crushed -- down and work my way in -- I could -- I could see how I can grab by. Two guys is now gonna tell me and get me into that stopped -- that John. Good good I hit -- stop don't drive into the -- very important don't keep driving the new life into the stop itself and defeat the purpose Russian reforms stop where right now and to stop a good question is do you get this -- past the door. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now. I can't get the -- this bill. This is why. You see had a -- separated. And now. I still can't could be -- Fiesta -- this is very easy to cure. All right we're gonna go -- since I got some guys if stronger to hit this twice. I can grab little book go -- you plan to push -- -- -- here dual OK if I'm by myself. I'll -- warding off. I used before. Banging away he had it'll bent towards me. I'll grant it -- -- -- -- With the -- and crush it. -- the ads as the door want to -- the door checkmate you can put pressure on a whole lot since you got two guys 11 just -- jungle than it. -- and good again and again we'll good. Beautiful yet. Yeah that metal. That's excellent writing. I can read I can actually put the ads right back here question -- -- -- -- if it would just a couple of hits. And you've spent a little bit you could put walked down a point to grab it real -- -- the war ended. And they come in here -- we bent the saw -- American -- here at the -- first thing. -- out of my right and watch this. -- sit back at a dual. Realized his poppies admitted to push it's made to get. To show how to get dual but it does little to be forced I just pull out. Remember taxpayers. Very -- flight. Dot stores before flight -- -- guys on this tool is not a usual. So -- we seeing it. It's hard to fire fighters using its setup -- and the data could purchase the that we can then going to get the locks and at the store. It's been a go to training minutes a job -- -- -- -- --

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