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On the Road with Bobby Halton: Oklahoma City Wrap-Up

Fri, 25 Jun 2010|

Bobby Halton and Dave Dodson reflect on the results of the training fires and tools demonstrated over the course of the Oklahoma City evolutions.



-- the end of the day out here and -- -- Oklahoma City -- didn't there is with the mid America -- and the good folks -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Books from hell -- -- -- fire fighting and -- forget because the year Tinker Air Force Base folks and military -- in Oklahoma county Texas school eastern Oklahoma guys exclusive -- ample time. And are good folks from -- Wonderful day qualifiers solutions still feel good CV. Carol lance. Ultra high pressure to work it was fascinating. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As it would cut 83 quarter inch latest deal. It's it's pretty amazing. -- -- -- I think it's got this mentioning vocations -- so -- so clearly an important tool going forward in terms of enforceable entry ventilation. Access fire extinguishment. It's to be very useful tool transitional attacks and cutting metal that Wilson. Accessing. Just about any kind of barrier you can imagine -- -- tremendous amount application but it's obviously like every other tools into the record -- excellent. -- couple ultra high pressure is just another tool in the tool -- we know we have some limitations. Would traditional fire attack. And and frankly we wastes a lot of water which -- traditional. Methods in situations where that -- is really not required. And overall becoming valuable resource sports it's valuable resources sports on Mars and all the sorts -- things. Nationalist part of furniture are being challenged in many different levels. And I think technology. Is is providing some solutions for us so we have the versatility -- we how. That ability to maximize. Our only our labor. But certainly. Be expendable -- Well you know I was thinking about all types of buildings nowadays that are constructed using. You metal frame building towards your fans Family Dollar store rule Family Dollar Stores -- churches so. You bet you that the structure and now they're -- amount of metal frame buildings classrooms for schools and with the school you can not only. -- the building and and and inserted extinguishing agent which can also opened up users now access to. That's. That's a very -- so. This real application for -- there's going to be some. It's doses of the studies are just beginning -- Kind of finding -- way. -- that right now what those great guys from. Wonderful work with the books from hell can and the cavs. -- -- and and and really had some and interest thing and I think I think enlightening experiences there with the with the cavs and it was good to see and then good old conventional water -- -- just. Some good solid. Water application to see that. Well today out -- to -- a great day it was. Great to penetrate to the long day we've lost we've -- a lot of hard work today it's greatly appreciate -- but I think overall. We achieve some of the goals of the morning. And I think everybody's gonna leave here after cleanups and they that was not only -- day we'll learn a lot. Yeah it was an educational. And there's an educational -- -- would people who are willing to let us. Feel free to use their tools and right we -- all right it. It's kind -- exciting so. Like I can't thank uniformly rebounded. By surprisingly candid realism. And you'll meet on the road again it is absolutely -- -- them emotionally you are shooting. -- camera throughout the area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You be safe out there and see you next time.