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Week in Review: July 9, 2010

Mon, 12 Jul 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews what's new on the Fire Engineering site this week.



-- I'm Bobby -- and welcome to fire -- -- we can review. You may have noticed that we haven't been around for awhile I thought I'd take a little time off to practice my needle point. And try to wrap my head around where we want to take this feature in the future. I think we've got a solid new format. -- let me know what you think you can reach me anytime you want. At Robert H at -- well dot com. That's RO BE RTH. And it PE NN WE LL dot com. Now let's take a look at what's been going on the fire service this week and what you confined comment on and review -- fire engineering dot com. Our photo the day has some fantastic photos. By -- buddy Dennis Wallace loses -- Detroit photographer and a firefighter who always seems to come through some fantastic shots out of the Detroit area. Our good friend Todd parker FDIC photographer also sent us some great shots from the Indianapolis area but some good work they did -- recently. We just started the six season training minutes. Featuring forcible entry by John buckeye airbags by Paul. Right now we've got a fantastic -- video up there and forcing medal outward opening doors. These kinds of doors routinely find on the backside a commercial buildings standalone fast food restaurants taxpayers. And bulk heads. It's important that we know how to force these stores with our -- effectively quickly. This video's gonna show you a couple of quick ways and easy ways to get a -- point using your irons to help you to force these stores. And if you haven't been following trained -- minutes. Well then you're way behind the curve we've got over five seasons already archive there that's a hundred different short videos. That you can use to train yourself and your people to be more -- -- efficient safer and effective on the fire ground. Become a -- minutes regular -- short to the point and always the best practice in the industry brought you by the best teachers in the industry. Now we also just posted a brand new interactive simulation. This was a mass casualty incident involving a school -- this I think our twelfth simulation can find out there. Now these are the types of events these these mass casualty events that are really gonna tell actual in his station. You can find this simulation by going -- exclusives or going -- simulations window and click on view all the simulations. -- good buddy Paul Combs just posted a new editorial cartoon you can give -- your feedback on this illustration he just posted. And that you know let him know what you think about the issue we'd love to hear from you Paul would love to hear from you some go to Paul Holmes illustrations. -- can give -- your feedback. Our fire engineering exclusives has some really interest and pieces including a lessons -- from a tractor trailer fire. An article on firefighter arsonists the new question on the July roundtable. It's about the selection process for your officers in your department. It's a critical question. Because we just had the Supreme Court which -- decision that says that merit should be the overriding concern in the case of promotions. If that isn't the case in your department. Let us know how you're apartment -- on it and why. Also -- -- fires you're exclusives is a great piece by Robert parry from Houston Texas who gives us some simple solutions to enhance -- around safety. And John Murphy with a great commentary regarding the resignation of general Stanley McChrystal and what lessons the fire service can learn from that particular event. And our video news from New York City the New York City firefighters have also been battling major heat. -- -- major fires the last few days -- we update that section every day with fantastic new video from around the world. Right now there's this tremendous video on a fifth -- church fire from New York City yesterday. Fired your radio has some great pieces by -- and last -- That just got up there and don't forget to check out this is revivals on the far dynamics -- for some critical life safety information. And now I'd like to continue with what we call here fire engineering point of view. After September 11 we all said we would never forget and we were dead serious. And we have been absolutely Trudeau word we have not forgotten. What is fantastic to see. Is that not only have American firefighters kept the memory of our brave fallen Brothers and fellow citizens in our hearts and minds. But so have many other firefighters. From many other nations. If I could for a minute ask you to go to tour of duty run dot com. You'll see were a group of Australian firefighters are running from the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles all the way to New York City this August. They're doing this to show that they have never forgotten what happened on September 11. They're doing this to help all of us to remember and to raise money for the families of the fallen. Starting on August the twelfth. They will run non stop all the way from New York's it all the way to New York City arriving on September 11 at ground zero. They have a great website tour of duty run dot com. Please go and check out their room. You can click on the route and get details almost minute by minute outline of where they plan to run through. -- welcome at any point in the run to join them and run alongside with them. To help them to achieve this incredible goal. These are really good firefighters are undertaking this incredible journey to pay their reference respect. All home. And I'll see you next week on. We.

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