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Mask Confidence Training and Window Bail-Outs

Tue, 6 Jul 2010|

Firefighter Joe Alvarez of the Maplewood (NJ) Fire Department demonstrates a mask confidence training course and offers a tip for bailing out of windows.



I welcome readiness -- Joe Alvarez and they were gonna go over -- -- when he. We have a firefighter here who's got an X yeah -- turnout here and it faces obscured by at -- actually turned backwards. The firefighters and implement a forward progress and we're gonna happen you elect can search for -- evolution. Firefighters and every right to make sure it's there it'll be -- and -- He's always don't know I don't know. Everything I elevation changes and firefighters made sure it's stable ground where are hurt -- or progress. Art -- important progress. Yeah for -- -- -- -- Don't think we're really explained that her minor. You won't want to throw it right and you made sure didn't sound. So wouldn't you can't apple and apple. After the fire -- come down to the lowest point where the ground level aides. That's an important it is helping get back down there where you want -- -- and that -- Firefighter -- certainly does he's brought. There's -- -- what we are to teach him if that makes me feel a little bit further problem. Want the picture here or there maybe. You're in it acts -- it's not really sure what. We did it. -- negotiated. It -- larger way we're gonna put up -- -- -- now that simulates Pittsburgh. The fire -- would probably -- that he's gonna -- to reach its tool. But all -- yourself so he gets old reach. He's not putting himself -- -- for help coming yet. If we took this all the way from what company and help and he needed to breach of his arms. Now he needs to worry about that fire and he noted that this wouldn't -- eventually. Which now -- courses is -- burned and people -- room. So that's why it's important to -- your tool at all times they never let go. -- -- Yeah we're not going back. Our target was -- certain way we want. Hosted room worries when it that you can't normally you want if you look. I didn't -- it doesn't matter -- fire he's woman who Martin is if you get from our players are used profiled Aaron. Firefighters are the only area rat problem pictures don't audience -- and hear rumors that bush broke. These -- can -- talent pool and he's gonna hold ordinary are again making it worse. -- that done he didn't want and he's getting -- Well. These movements Harris so -- against the wall. After pearl group in history no -- political -- people behind you -- me. Yes I haven't -- it in his composure. Grass more yeah. Then -- -- -- I'll let him long. You can use them more. Okay that the patient has confidence -- if you -- to talk about going out -- So many times firefighter Dallas window -- first. Very unsafe practice. We cannot dictate. Conditions that are going to be inability -- -- party needs to -- -- building by going out the window. What were you talking he's using it happened. We always tell our cars you need -- fuel -- when word count tool is word Kate and then into the drywall were used to pick hit. It -- drive at all we're gonna step yet and -- -- Qaeda were there and that was gonna go into the ground and humans are stepping. -- -- -- -- -- -- Make sure this doesn't start. That we -- it was scrap window's still put our put up on how it will words in windows. This gives us a much safer way exit when when the. Everything you've seen here today was done inside of this trailer. This trailer was acquired. It was dropped off here and -- firefighters built all the props that are inside. -- that you need to remember is when a fire -- goes through this training. You do not want to take and pushed him through it you wanna talk them through this is something of a firefighter does not -- -- a daily basis. You need to build confidence in your firefighters before you send them out. In the real world and remember the props that you building your mask -- station is left up your imagines. This is Carol Alvarez and thank you for watching --

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