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Overturned Vehicle with Footwell Entrapment

Thu, 2 Sep 2010|

Dave Dalrymple discusses how to extricate a patient who is entrapped in the footwell of an overturned vehicle. Sponsored by Holmatro.



Welcome to training -- my name is David apple. Well our scenario today we're gonna go through an overturned vehicle with a driver that's trapped. Who have actually has a full well entrapment. What we're gonna do our crew is gonna come in and we're gonna approach the vehicle we're gonna -- house and -- -- We're gonna take care the patient we're gonna make a pathway to remove the patient and we're gonna do this step by step. As you can see we have -- overturned car crews coming in now do hazards are right. We -- inner -- -- right. Have our EMS providers gonna come in and make contact with -- patient. As our crew looks for the rest of the hazards of the vehicle. Now are in us writers -- to maintain contact with a patient. -- gonna come in now. -- stabilize the vehicle clearly can start -- half way to get. Our patient have and we. For a -- left on the voice. Underneath the vehicle. Now -- is gonna come in and we're gonna put a simple pension buttress stabilization system. Into the back of the vehicle. As you can see they've inserted one strut into wants -- She's gonna take -- ratchet strap and run them but let's strap from one instructed the opposite. Struck on the other side. The closest side to us we actually had to make a hole for the strike on the opposite side there's an existing -- we're gonna open the gas tank flap. He's a different bracket and actually use the gas tank which is reinforced. To -- -- institutes. Now you see that connect the missed the strap together. They've tightened the straps. Hence they've made it triangle and stabilize the vehicle. No one of the last things are gonna do -- stabilization is we're at a double check our critic. So we're gonna come in and -- it make you are wedges are secure. Our crews -- that made a purchase point we want to expose the latch. So we can come in and cut it to began our side evolution. Look at -- gonna come in with a spreader. And hydraulic -- We're gonna forced open. The area around them. -- -- -- Your best you can see that you're starting -- -- so we're gonna. And up cutting the door a lack. Which is a better tactic anyway once we've been close the door latch itself. Hello rescuers got to -- in -- cut the door latch. Thank you -- -- we have the door open. Can't let people -- gonna come in now we're gonna pull the interior trim what you're. They're. I want to gonna cut that you're strapped for why the door opening a little bit more. I noticed we have -- shatter proof shield in between our feet here. And our crew. Which is important -- -- protect our patience. We also haven't -- providers don't provide there have been some. The whole time. Now we're on third and make the cut and to the beat people. We're gonna seven -- -- And that we're gonna make -- we've got into the which would be now the bottom of the -- post so basically I cut throat and could be posed. Now other restaurant gonna come in with a spreader. -- -- out bush the entire side of the vehicle away. -- doors and the -- vote removing the side of the vehicle. -- went out on the front door and now rescuers lot of things that sometimes happens -- -- -- evolution. -- if not always prepared correctly. Sometimes you have to go back in with a cutter and provided a little bit to help -- along. Did better. Now appears now that we have the guy who moved. We're actually gonna Jabber for the door in here is to move the entire side of the vehicle. We'll -- made up half way to get updates -- now rapidly. -- once -- severed both ended with a hydraulic cutter we're gonna go back given some little wired with a a handful. -- -- -- -- Okay rescuers. We've gone -- -- overturned vehicle scenario. Our rescue team has come and save. -- -- -- -- Located patient -- patience and stabilize the vehicle they -- pathway. Who begin removing the patient away by taking the side of the vehicle. Away for the vehicle. Itself. Now I'd like to thank you for watching training -- -- I'd like that they Camacho for sponsoring. Client during training and be safe out there.