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Air Bags for Underpin

Mon, 26 Jul 2010|

Paul DeBartolomeo demonstrates how to use air bags to free a victim who has been trapped between a car and the back end of a tractor trailer.



I -- -- but I'll well welcome -- trading minute. In this most segment we're gonna deal in underpin. What we have a clock that the parent of a tractor trailer getting a part in between the car in the trailer body. A few things we wanted it when we arrive on scene. We wanna assure that the tractor trailer and the vehicle a bulletin Clark and -- -- emergency brakes are applied. If we can access their rear of the trailer to check on the load that's gonna have an impact on our left. If the lord has shifted during the accident or the lord is stacked to one sided trailer body. It's gonna impact how we do to -- so if we can access the back -- trail of bodies take a look at the load that's important. One of the other things we built upon arrival as we want to stabilize all these vehicles as we can see here we have to the job -- job and -- -- on the car. -- -- on the same thing tractor trailer. We want to eliminate the possibility of any of these vehicles moving unexpectedly. The next thing we want to do is we want to take it vehicles -- out of life. In order to do it -- we're gonna utilize a ratchet strap. Ratchet -- only because -- and don't we -- trailer body we're not gonna lose any of our left. But the firefighters are gone they've attached -- ratchet straps and attire on the -- side they've ordered across the -- it underneath the victim's legs. -- -- -- attack here and -- opposing higher. In this instance where we have a victim across the -- that may not always be feasible. Another option would be to run the ratchet strap through the passenger compartment. As we apply tension that rat trap we're gonna see this car starts -- It is very important because as we take that the -- -- the trailer off it's far. Ventures wanting -- want and actually lift -- so we've basically inherited that from happening. The next thing we have to consider is where we're gonna let this vehicle. We look at the -- -- -- a tractor trailer here. We can see. -- for the frame that's gonna give us -- -- to -- from we have to do is build up until. Lifting Saxony sided ballot we're gonna pass a six by six by eight he's no longer drove and we're gonna lift off of that. The firefighters -- -- committee announced ought to construct their gripping. Because of the way that is Delaware expects this to be very heavy we're starting our -- stacked with six by -- Any time we're gonna be lifting -- heavy load wanna increase the dimension of our lumber. This is being done on both sides of the vehicle we have two firefighters are he's cited a vehicle they're using identical longer. When I'm gonna go for buy it exists. We're gonna finish out with flawed by its board. We're gonna use 34 by -- are okay here go to waited a -- It's very important that both sides of the vehicle -- -- -- Equally -- It won't go to -- this vehicle we have and I even left. And we're gonna finish products stacked with -- plywood pat on the side to support the airbags as they inflate. We're gonna -- stack bags again because we're looking to gain some -- In order to extricate this patient we're also gonna utilize the why the controller. So that we can really -- evenly. When we're -- abridged technique like this we wanna come up evenly so that we don't throw off the balance. We have about six by six in -- position we're gonna pass it. -- The auto -- that we secure our bags. I notice tigers got a -- some have been. We've come to you a little bit -- -- about two inches older. Okay and we're right on the X. I we're making these minor adjustments were cleaning up our trip back we wanna ensure that the six by six is evenly placed on each. -- -- Here we don't want overhanging -- one side then the other. We wanna ensure that it's right on the X mark on the back -- Now we look here we have a -- today. Between the bag this is my -- in the frame rail we really want to maximize a lifting capacity we -- but -- -- by Xstrata to derail. We're gonna do that by coming in -- two -- four wedges from. Lift up. And we'll read them right under there. Take up any day firefighters and the others -- -- do the same thing. Pure play. Maximize our left. Okay. All right -- -- jerks. We'll do -- We can you start against brother -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Think we got him. -- It was not our trailer lifted the firefighters are in place for the -- education a couple things we want to think about as we're doing it. This person -- -- -- with a tremendous amount of weight on the lower bodies. We may wanna allow the paramedics to work hand in hand -- Two starts and drug interaction -- crush syndrome as neatly displayed all that's a real possibility that his patient. Okay again we're gonna we're gonna consider -- -- mobilization -- -- important College Station and we're gonna begin extricate. -- you very. -- -- -- -- -- Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- We use the multi -- -- with a six by six as a bridge to lift the tractor trailer body all -- Clark in order to three interdict them. The big thing we did was utilized Iraq -- if we noticed as we reluctant trailer the caller really didn't put all the schedules totally. Put out -- which allowed us to read -- victims successful. I've pulled the plug -- now thanks for watching things.

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