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Week in Review: July 29, 2010

Thu, 29 Jul 2010|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews what's new on the Fire Engineering site this week.



Hello and welcome -- -- we can review. -- editor in chief Bobby Alton and thank you for checking in with us here. After we can review on fire engineering dot com. This week we're being brought to you by our good friends and emergency vehicle outfitters. The fun folks who gave us this great podium and great podium we use -- FDIC dot com. Check him out at -- BO Dallas dot com that's EV DO Dallas dot com. And now to that we can review. It was a very busy in tragic week the American fire service this week there were multiple medical line of duty deaths. As well as to tragic multiple trauma deaths. Fire injuring wishes to extend its deepest condolences. To the family and friends of Bridgeport firefighter Michael bulk. Four and Bridgeport lieutenant Stephen well a lot of us who died in -- structure fire earlier this week. Also killed in the line of duty this week. In a tragic accident involving the apparatus and an SUV. The Rocky -- fire chief Posey Dylan and firefighter William down Daniel office. There are multiple articles regarding these events and our engineering dot com. Please keep all of these firefighters in your thoughts and prayers especially keep their families and friends in your thoughts and prayers as well. -- -- this week has some more cutting edge video training free agency from Pauly. This week Paul addresses the issue of underpinning that's -- an automobile or truck gets pinned underneath another automobile or truck. Creating difficult and challenging education issues. Paul handles that better than anybody. In our exclusive features this week Greg -- offer some advice on residential door locks. Come Kirschke has a great piece on training in vacant residential properties. And if the in my battalion chief Danny Sheridan talks about making decisions using intuition on the fire ground. This month and fire -- magazine and online at fire injuring university. Our good friend -- -- away has a tremendous new piece called understanding fire ground command decision making under stress. If you're not using fire injuring university to maintain your maintain your continuing education credits then you're missing out on a tremendous opportunity. Check out the rest of the website including our topic centers for valuable life saving information Ross -- FaceBook now so check us out. And now to the point of view. This week a point of view I'd like to visit with you from moment record -- -- what are called black swans. A black swan is something. -- although it may have never -- Occurred before is now happening famous examples include the airline united airline flight which was portrayed by John boy. In which -- -- claim was false hydraulic power and had to be flown using just the engines by pilot -- Hayes. And crashed in Sioux City, Iowa. Killing I think and -- many people that many people survived also the collapse the World Trade Center something we had never seen before highrise structure. That's another good example but those are large scale and highly. Publicized well known events. Because of the incredible loss of life and the tremendous implications for the airline industry. National security and the war on terrorism. But a black -- can happen on a more local level as well. For example. And engine company can respond to thousands of residential structure fires and every time the fire takes a fairly predictable path and by executing standard -- procedures. Getting to the scene of the fire it's extinguished and everyone's able to return to quarters safely. However. Occasionally. Due to dukes -- -- fire loading wind direction construction features and other unforeseeable an unknown forces. The fire can rob finally creating either smoke explosion of flash over or some type a structural collapse resulting catastrophe. Oftentimes are clues. But many times there are not. Our work is done what's called a critical natural boundary that's a place were very dynamic and potentially catastrophic things can occur often with little or no warning. So the next time you see something dramatic. And -- reading about it you're thinking about it try looking at the event this way. Not for what hindsight you know to have happened. But what could the people who are experiencing at the time have been thinking about and what were -- trying to accomplish. In other words what really focused on what were -- trying to do at the time the event occurred. Then maybe what they were doing and and what they did will make more sense to you. Often times and -- site that's 20/20 hindsight. We forget that the people who were involved at the time did not know what was coming or clearly they -- taken another course of action. They were hit by a black swan. Please remember to keep our fallen firefighters. Particularly those we lost this week in Bridgeport Rocky Mount your thoughts and prayers. Respect their service respect their lives to -- from your training time this week to their memory. I'm Bobby hall and that's my point of view. And remember -- --

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