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Hurst Hydraulics: Cross Ramming

Tue, 13 Jul 2010|

This extrication video from Hurst demonstrates cross ramming, in which a ram is used to move a vehicle's doors and B post back into position so rescuers can gain access.



And think. And -- a rescue situation where there has been severe side intrusion in the pastor compartment. Cross ramming -- a useful authentication technique. When this happens. An open unity inside of the door and the let's say -- rear door typically occurs. As a result of the crash. He's in this -- to force to front or rear door often -- -- which certainly -- to be post deeper into the pastor compartment. -- crossed push maneuver with -- ram would be a good course of action. Use the senator -- on the scoreboard behind the front seats as a push point for the base of the Iran and position to tip of the piston. In the area that -- cost. Next pushed the doors and the people's back to their original position. This creates additional space craft person and -- allowing for better patient assessment. He can now use normal procedures to remove this side of the vehicle and -- patient access leaving the ram in place for support.

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