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Live from FDIC 2010: Friday

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

Bobby Halton updates from FDIC 2010.



Well. Hey it's Friday -- if the -- classes -- open -- tremendous crowds overwhelming crowds everywhere you go. Got so bad -- had to hire a bodyguard. And I have to find aren't any hanging out in the hallway -- reasons you cite an awful time that would clarify the issue -- -- -- Politically this of course today and just give -- of its own fitness -- -- to go. Went well I was very happy with the outcome very happy with the response. Seem to get a lot of -- a lot of people in the audience so it really. Appreciate topic -- was little bit differently -- but was -- success. Outstanding and who's got Aaron is gonna be right for us online on fitness and -- more stuff in the magazine to be back here next -- teaching and for us. We had a great time and FDIC so far we'll see you here tomorrow and FDIC.