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FDIC 2010: Ron Siarnicki

Fri, 23 Apr 2010|

At FDIC 2010, Bobby Halton speaks to Ron Siarnicki, executive director of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundtation.



-- alive and FTSE 2010 and we're here with a lifetime achievement award winner for this year. Man who needs no introduction chief -- sorry he's the director executive director of the national -- firefighters. Great -- of fire engineering great friend about the -- And a man who has move this program in this country forward. With such -- such force that. As I read that -- I was like holy macro and this is immensely. About two hours -- -- I don't god bless what a wonderful -- and then well deserved award acute. You can imagine. Anyone else more deserving of the lifetime achievement -- be. Extremely proud because training education is all about preventing death and saving lives and that's what the national all of our true. And I appreciate you know I was. In the back behind it currently confer on the come out on stage I'm sitting there looking at the names of the past recipients. Don't like me. I am humbled -- human don't think any of the year. It was a great day a great experience. You know -- at that that war represents. A lot of efforts of a lot of people. To really help make the -- services for. But. All those people. To them to them to the man Wednesday. It's your leadership it's your energy it's your relentless pursuit of not only console in those who have suffered a tragic event -- -- a sudden catastrophic. Unexpected. Par. Which you have to deal with constantly portion man constantly it's the only word to use. As sad -- that is. And then you do all the rest of it from the initiatives encouraged to be saved them. Who goes home to to the memorial. It's it's almost. It's too much in its scope to think that anyone man is carrying that -- way because I remember when -- -- about six elevenths me and I hear. And -- feel -- -- some days it it doesn't live it you know I grew up in a far -- I can remember. My earliest memories -- there are a small child in the -- Moment -- charter members started farm partner community has -- fire protection saguaro there. -- they they instilled in me. That need for community service to give back to hell and I'm fortunate. -- that trait from them in -- -- lost them and hasn't talked about earlier. The other pieces. You know have to decide what our core values -- for everybody estimate that the -- And for me it's pretty simple let's do the right things for the right reasons. That's. From me and it's easy when it that I -- decisions that he -- -- may not be popular decisions but what's the right thing for the right reasons. You can get up in the morning it will yourself an appearance to what was best. The organization for that forresters. And so it -- all ties together little ties to. The importance. Committing. Summer -- line. Of making what we have in front of us that are -- little the next person -- telling -- that we and that's where you or were you more. What's next for the national park and was coming up well. A bunch of stuff you know we have now have a relationship with NASCAR which is pretty cool. And we are doing -- events around the country with that. If fund raising his victories golf terms that's coming out and got. For almost -- fifty golf tournaments around country. And no one of the things that we we want to tell people is those fundraising endeavors such as we're doing here with the fun run and stuff -- rock and roll and of those dollars to write the programs they're not pay for salaries. And I -- -- like everybody else. Struggling -- work you know that's one thing that when he not chief and and we do this that very definitely yes. But it's all right it's it's it's the moment for the right reasons but we're kicking off more fundraising -- -- -- because we're doing more programs. -- -- getting to a point we can do more service to the families. And more efforts to help the -- community deal with the tragedies and prevent that your actions and that's what we're excited about. The vulnerability assessment project -- -- with our administration. With. Some of the new programs with our local -- state teams -- response teams. So that we can help begin that journey for those families and those departments. On the right path instead of want his issues and visible way. Only got the right man -- this and I'm so happy to be able to share the stage with you today it was my most distinct honors of my career. And you award and be able to be there with you and share that moment and I'll never forget it and then oops just so proud to know -- and be your friend and thank you for you don't hurt every firefighter. And I do personally -- god bless. As I said you know that the friendships that we built. Along the way of our community we keep for a minute we gotta keep eating ribs and airports -- hopelessly obsolete and we gotta keep remembering. Making that commitment to always tells stories. When I got here it to FTSE -- gaming on this blog points. -- this year's event. And it has the farms terrible local on the front which is a really unique piece of art history. And and I think that's critical. You're all the discussions about cultural tradition. And and and -- review and where we're going and we've got to keep a little bit all the way. And yes it's gonna change -- gonna develop it all we do but we can never forget weren't in probably won't know our own salute. And -- what our values -- principles are and is on we do that. We do the right things the right reasons. The best thing to do -- the best we can immigrant family friend thank -- for everything.

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