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Tue, 7 Dec 2010|



She's got a great opportunities there's been FDIC and ran into -- -- -- He's a trader at the New York Newark far -- -- withdrew from Houston 2.4 years yesterday. 23 years just yesterday it's what's -- out of Australia and had a great I'm going Collins and -- -- division known. -- -- I of these statements I mean I think six and fourteen years mountains. Yes very good when your job motivate -- that's vertical. But pretty good -- served as you know my boss Mike -- She everybody I work for a great guy deputy is that the the incident commander for the -- on June 3 straight as he does a great governor Douglas by the U and I -- -- -- -- -- -- story. Absolutely which is funny because everybody listens -- -- -- command but I'm never there so and justice justice we'll show well if you look at the step that you of Port Authority. I'm -- grip much -- to ever gets done absolutely. -- itself. Most of those pretty good job -- -- the -- photo to adjust pretty good the Barnett group he's gonna disagree and it was late -- program took a picture here. Only use this you have to listen. I've sort of come back here in 1996 Michael -- And I -- it park academy. But but it struck out fourteen -- Yes and you talk hot issue -- -- to what two years ago teams this year I took a few hot place but that. -- company operations would it's on like -- the guys concentrate on his -- search and we. -- whites and enjoyable -- -- guys. And then -- also -- talking with The Who knows what is it going and going and that was great for the best confidence right now it's a great guard experience does that bring that all. Don't or in what -- -- compliment to the guys that guys to teach them taking -- -- take their classes dark it's it's unbelievable when you're on that side of it. You get to prospective. So I don't ever be with. I'm of the wheel -- and they I was sort of bring a lot of stuff all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without -- economic populist Mike what's all the guys threw him another -- course that they develop so that without the airports -- great site. -- -- -- so what's the best thing about that show. Bobby you gotta I was well -- a lot of things what is the -- The personality Jimmy you know the handshake -- August of Andy's hit the experiences -- -- -- -- -- what's what's the worst. Get of the moral and -- I got us about the -- -- articles of Korea. You know the first let's have started 0:8 o'clock for a country zones -- and -- and I -- our -- our priorities -- some things but we get through it. -- -- -- thank you so much -- president and his -- you know we love you and haven't been with Hewitt Charleston, South Carolina the abuse go when he came out there and it's really you know view -- we did tonight some are probably right after the tragedy. But I was on when that you guys expected like that's probably get -- from this. -- we're we're we're talking to them I think that's I think that's definitely an object exchange volume it is it's -- to bridge and some time here room. But tomorrow and end -- there they're charging Arnold they're ready probably good time to reach out and see if the Rwandan ministers and not solve that problem the Robert and that was a great pick Iowa Robert thanks -- And behave and do something off I've seen this -- home game. Here that the as -- -- --