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American LaFrance - FDIC 2007

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Get details on American LaFrance's new fire educational facility, headquarters, and products from their display at FDIC 2007.



We're here with John Stevenson president and CEO America France one of the oldest companies here at the show it the FDIC 2007. Indianapolis. And John -- will -- about the company. Well this is -- special year for us this is our 175 anniversary we're really the Harley-Davidson. Of a -- industry. -- a special this year for multiple reasons first the law they have the opening -- museum. And educational center coming up next week -- opening our new headquarters are new assembly plant is an open up in August 17 of this year. On top of that new business systems. Three new platform vehicles as is the beginning of an old tradition. For those of lesser or fire service historians think which is probably every firefighter America. Local fire apparatus -- little bit value museum done. Well me -- museum is gonna open up on April 28. And it has everything from hand bumpers in the early eighteen hundreds through boilers -- were horse drawn to the dirty mechanized state insulate late H vehicles -- -- in there. And what's unique about this museum -- -- -- museum it's a fire educational center educational center were all fifth graders and soft flannel and threw his part of our safety. Right now we're in an area that's the talking about your new facility also -- -- John about about that is so. This is part of the kneecap things for this year. We have a new headquarters 60000 square foot headquarters need to take a look at it you'll find this pattern after the 1920s. This is show our heritage its 60000 square feet 101000 square feet for classic vehicles and also for training a conference room hot food catered -- so forth. Plus a five day display area. Very neat so unique in fact was actually cobblestone street in the lobby and entrance way and a storefront pattern after 1920s. A fire -- lot of Chicago and everything is catered to the fire and EMS industry. And not just from an office point of view but also from the service point yeah. We're here with us Scott Barnes vice president sales and marketing America France the game one of the oldest companies. Here at the show sponsor of the ballpark -- foundation. One of the most innovative manufacturers just got what we expect to see here -- American friend. Well it is typical of America France not only do we have the heritage that you see -- -- 175 years with silver anniversary this year. But we continue to innovate and bring products to the park service that are required to meet the job. The -- in the safety needs of our customer base. And we can see what type apparatus be happier. If you look at -- Booth today you'll see a very small selection of the full product range -- America -- offers we have an ambulance at our Booth on our commercial heavy duty chassis. We have a very unique. Multi purpose rescue Oprah vehicle we have a 75 foot dramatic -- with our. Clear path lighted walkway and you revolutionary -- for attack angle for masters for an attack. You'll see are the seven compliance eagle custom -- -- the C -- customers. Custom -- from portage Indiana. Also see our relationship with Brunswick on our boats as we try to provide the full gamut of products for the fire service the Social Security or liberty which is -- entry level. -- for the budget conscious stuff. We've moved to one of the probably one of the best looking rescue vehicles -- -- here but it's not really -- future. Look at that it's it's a lot more that absolutely you've got a smiling on that -- Because as the customers look at this particular truck they envision as being a rescue truck. But in reality it is an attack -- for the 750 gallons of water on board the 15100 gallons per minute pump. As well as a full compliment of rescue tools equipment. And the command center. And as we get more input from the field from our customer base we realize municipal budgets are getting hit from Manning. Manpower and all those expenses that are far beyond equipment -- fire department has to deal with -- so we get more and more requests and we see a brighter future. In multi purpose vehicles a comedic customers' needs with the existing manpower and as you look around the video from the struck this is a classic example. From air -- stations before pumping foam. Full -- rescue tools and still a command center for the fire department -- in his or respond to the various emergencies they do what every day. We've now moved to the other side show floor -- the contoured. Heart of the America France -- which is a separate -- because it's part of the commercial products. Of America France -- with Jim Rogers a legend -- -- -- our procedure in this -- It's a commercial product available for those companies out there that need a big -- But don't have quite have the budget. To afford the large custom -- that would be the same space source providing horse power and space to companies that need it. They can't do that -- -- -- -- or commercial. Conventional truck. We're looking at the chassis the specific Casio the corridor which is. Kind of a hybrid between the classic. Commercial chassis and the custom chassis. Jim -- -- little about what we're looking at here. Sam what's happening this year as you know the 07 EPA engines have come out. And what we're we're showing our customers here is the -- back to camp for mounting a body on. Because this will be sold to a lot of different body companies. One of the things is happening with our new cooling system performance of -- were able to increase horsepower this year and offer our customers more horsepower. Even with the implementation of GO seven EPA rules that are coming into effect. Just this -- meets the new 2007 rules absolutely it does it meets a new 2007 rules -- Concern with all the customers were -- -- -- performance. But are cooling system we have better performance this year that we can't last year with -- for EPA instance this is a friendly truck for our body customers. This this has the the engineering of a custom. As performance of a custom but it's him in the price range of a commercial and and for us in the fire service it looks like. It looks like a custom it's going to be marketed like that -- dollar for dollar hamburger Hamlet great mind.

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