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Congressional Fire Services Institute

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Chief Halton talks with Bill Webb and Sean Carroll of the Congressional Fire Services Institute about the organization's role in helping shape policy in Washington and why firefighters should get involved in its work.



I welcome on road -- -- that they were alive from the SEC thousands. And I'm very happy -- -- -- -- -- through my friends and congressional our services through its electrical. And his. Yes this is the director. Or perhaps it's later today I just from Odom and -- is a legislative -- A -- firefighters really are aware of what the congressional -- actually this is the goodness. How it benefits and there are service I would else's that he upfront legislatively. And tremendous benefits that come support activities. And participating activities from being. And everything we've received from them it's a two way street. Without the participation -- park service. They have -- back and they -- build -- fire caucus -- talk about. That is the largest caucus and it's this congress its. Very influential but they need our support excellent -- -- What they're doing an underage congressional questions it is growing. -- thought about the public safety officers benefits program. -- that's difficult to -- -- working diligently. Try to correct that situation tells it is -- that. Is it pollution pieces of legislation that are out there the change in the house doesn't affect us and that is usually look. As you go out this year -- which candidate you support. And which has she may not be -- That's important stuff for us and that is so let's talk about politics -- But this is politics about us being led by guys whose lives are dedicated the American bar service. And let's welcome the web. And Sean Carroll -- on the road race and bill are things going of the congressional partners is it going girl -- all. -- fires here -- support we received from organization. Getting the message out of the partners is important -- -- Washington DC. Tip O'Neill an -- former congressman's secret -- once that it all politics local. And you know we do your bit on Capitol Hill talking about issues and talking about issues and how important they are. The first responders but the congressmen and the senators don't hear from the folks back home fire stations. That's really -- -- that connection so that is imperative that's always the most important message don't horror. You part of today's program. But it's it's it's it's -- -- in Washington DC's does it please you new leadership and now we've got Democrats in control both chambers we've got president Republican. And so you know there. Dichotomy. It's something that we're working we're right now and we'll that. Explain to everybody listen right now what is the congressional elections. Where what exactly do you do how you funded. What's your role bars. It's an interesting question when we asked a lot. We were CN cybergolf problem our policies. -- established in nineteen. You know her mission was to serve as yet educational component of the congressional -- Provided information. On Capitol Hill with respect to legislation. In a very objective manner. We have within our organization our national life. We are hearing -- go wrong. Any easiest part 45 national fired -- organization. We -- semi annually. To talk about resolutions in the form of legislation that we -- for. Cars that -- from Texas the support of the fire emergency services hole. You know their all the different organizations in Washington representative on here. -- our -- when she. We're gonna umbrella organization that brings them all together to find where there is that unanimity on issues if if you use our effort and use our strength. To get a message out that Capitol Hill as to what our -- as a whole -- How can -- -- -- and today I'll know more about you participated. In there. We got obviously we have a web site set up like everybody else is WWW does -- or. In the website it we'll talk about the mission organization and we'll talk about the legislation that we hear address. And it will include other -- information about our associate -- program. Which is available to all fire fighters and that -- okay. Program does -- say that -- That's a small donor program but it provides truth is that provides update -- doesn't -- immediately newsletter. Via -- It's so it'll keep -- -- -- involved is what we're doing a Capitol -- that's probably where starter. We shall we see -- updates and just showed great minds like. Did you editorial starts off with the audience quote. Because it's about your activities and that is happening on Capitol Hill right now. And what's he emphasizes doing for us in terms. The -- track program. And the policy. -- -- which struggling right now we're on our program has also. Listeners about. You know -- and money's tight everywhere we understand that -- -- updates are freemen all the trees are great guys that it is. But it's that information it's that it's that insider information and what's neat about -- -- as you election. You should question is that speech on -- -- office through you get an answer it straightforward honest answer and a and we do have a line. He's our service you heard it here for hours and but that's okay. I think that's part of what made America great diversity. Ability expression. And -- service if you don't express your opinion you really have no excuse you know right so -- So what what legislation right now is critical what should the socialism -- -- -- Oh yeah ready Barak and save your partner your -- -- problem. Administration releases so we're here early. -- -- Here. You senator brewed this morning does not surprise. This morning. And those funds are rumors that fire pretty relaxed fashion history and knowing he has hearings. There. Merchandise. Reasons that is. Okay I'm you know you -- remembers her mother's doctor friends. -- leadership. Yeah -- Both sides it involves. Sir please. Days. -- -- Criticism rumors. Are accused. -- problems -- -- -- America. These programs I would envision. -- -- -- reminds me this morning race. Our society there's an audience this is -- -- bring down -- death sentence someone else. -- is here. -- -- -- -- Reliever Chris. Solutions. We're we're theater and I think we can get results. Who runs in just a little bit forms sitting in Peru and it is it is to -- savers critical piece them. Our our service really -- It's safer more effective staffing is the number one issue in my opinion and the American questions times. Points lots of other I -- -- -- evil things that cause or. But he didn't lose a lot of -- predicated -- fact that Russia. Has continued through the last thirty years. Safer. As an opportunity to turn it around when his players overdose it doesn't -- -- and. Good morning I'm Susie. Program yeah. -- Sooners. Aren't as it restaurant for a June power -- much power. Yeah when it is yes it's -- actually -- for our friends in here are. Gordon's car tires. That are carrying firefighters and -- combination partners. Anderson Kennedy's citizens. -- -- here recruit and -- programs. -- on here and he. And it happens outside. It's harder and full time firefighters and mostly moments you -- wrong here mark you give -- people. -- Certainly -- -- actually ask our -- near eastern game our volunteers. -- -- -- Some of them were very limited participation and programs and -- This means is you program fast fast it is our -- There's there's a fair shares -- program that goes down here. I think the initial. -- -- -- -- And yeah this is almost -- yeah. Yeah. It goes oh yeah ultimately hear the fifth you're responsible for our committee is retaining them -- There which is the critical piece and we shouldn't -- and what you've made that. I from the program is tremendous. Volunteers. News. Yes of their receivers and fire. It's messages -- -- -- you know when you receive grants. What we respect sabres needed it is that it is. Because there our business news anchors these risks and and -- -- -- -- that is. It was a way to you war and sliding scale. They've they've realized that they won't you mean it is the responsibility report. Also you know there are closer to -- -- case you know in Washington DC Heritage Foundation is. You know media attacks terror organizations -- -- -- -- -- -- what we're doing with these -- It is needed -- -- we see these these are you phone call and he. How greens are gonna use this -- the issue yeah -- National League pitchers. But -- artery disease hunger for you know. -- it. Dresses twenty million calls that are made -- -- our arms every year. Because some of old Christine and you know we've seen as you know our heart receives funds -- when you center. Locals you know that you know that's all that public education actually the message that -- -- -- media when you're getting -- Part are hurt exchange why they need that because -- happy person or are predominantly the heart attacks. We believe you know it goes beyond getting below the existing -- -- great if you're gonna get the local media and you got a lot holds them accountable awful that he administration. There are monitoring this whole effort -- here -- you know it's gonna create further problems down the road. When we look. I think you know four acres or -- Well I think it goes to the -- line that you don't -- the media on your side of the story. They'll develop the story without you and generally that's not good -- -- department. Your community your state. Those great examples. And I think as we craft our grants wishes of other communities that would advance -- -- -- and the people posted to we have heard it was still hopeful. Clinton those -- -- that you are visionaries -- you are looking at what the problems might be tomorrow today. And further. It's a shame that the election very quickly eroded Iran that it the congressional -- it was established to support educationally and -- -- tactically and data. For the congressional fire services that cost the -- -- cause. Talk a little bit about the August salute you it was -- exit. Guys like does the whole forget that they're really focus on your listeners an argument caucuses. It went when divorce. Car is it is basically doesn't organization is very loosely knit organization. On Capitol Hill. Bruce -- like my. The group together and nobody hunger. It shared interest in an issue. -- very -- -- our our former former. Don't lose. Our fire. Literally -- per -- we ended up in his office. He's currently one and he still smoke in the office building where the hallway. -- He's also outlaws those policies and resolves it was only moments he's on fire. No restrictions. You know Muslim actors. Are measured in order to charter which turns those lines. In -- supposed to be you Capitol Hill tomorrow -- Is a thousand Janice Clark he literally what -- -- -- next Asia India and more probably to protect America -- protect ourselves and in millions people visit Capitol Hill in Washington here. Over -- hi this is now. After 300 -- -- -- -- content -- it is split equally Republicans and Democrats C boost your performance like for instance like. Point three we're senators or president McCain. He's. And that's why we don't we go very proud. -- -- -- street again if you appreciate. So there's about it and yeah but. But yeah its its its not about you don't key legislators were cars this is my. You know oh he's trying to negotiate his eyes aren't really issues and then you know whether to ride along programs through free programs -- their router on our students who through here. Political -- personal briefings on Capitol Hill is not a single act or advisory. We don't -- right through community members it is partner -- wisdom on -- well. On these issues and whether you -- the ease -- use -- -- -- Work there are a lot of issues out there he goes because it you know fire. -- -- -- program only you -- our ability yankees' big issue Capitol Hill. In the last. Before. -- grass -- -- itself. He loved ones. You know for for those making him. And are finding it was requested -- of course. Is so you know. It that the -- -- yes it did help you increase funding for our. Me lately over burning started you -- both work. You me. -- just goes to show what the national organizations -- done with us. For Wal-Mart. Or -- for purposes or when it was absolutely the issue there. We just is not every community in America. As soon as well -- -- community. There are communities out there were great people who that he or help sports is -- our -- go to those folks those bird rule close. It is those work processes that are struggling. Creator identities recapture there there passwords and catch -- this technical digital -- and whatever accusations. That -- And fire for an also for its tremendous -- The fire. Bush really -- the officers that this is of these Charlotte real problem. Aside for years ago. Today I know that we've -- got -- projection. And not one and he has been given out now. For a lot of firefighters on the job that he recognizes -- -- there insurance -- all those other great stuff but for the volunteers. That is the only thing definitely and as a one time that that is not a big deal. There's 267000. You know hey. It constantly keep we keep raising the amount due to inflation senator. But -- just and it it was forty working on it. -- Router or his past three years ago this -- here's -- cards. Senator Rivera finished it burns and Hughes and part of iron nine. -- -- his way of life threatening homes in your offices. Used an -- -- -- call. And regulations. And you can sustain this morning here for. Yes and not -- car's it's your house. We're trying to don't mention it in your homes or use our partners and our communities -- service. And -- real quickly a lot of people think it's just cardiovascular disease that's not at all true. We know very well it's. That's the part about your office system and it's -- gas is almost impossible to effect. It's very elusive and Kennedy pre pre existing. Data can be fatal and even in the absence. It's very potent gasoline and so. We'll sit our assess. And clearly it's obviously work out when I'm guilty of that as as as are we all but. Is not strictly a matter -- office. Is also toxins. And I just I've decided that firefighters are routinely explosives unit that's because of -- effects thereof. That can -- these are started to Roberts. Yeah hurt businesses are pretty good turnout here pretty -- there's very little hold me close performing rescue -- Yeah I mean this is on this actually. You know most of your favorite verse television you know -- -- in my exercise room. She didn't show a higher price just under military and costly conditions there -- underdogs wrestles him. -- -- We weren't -- this legislation passed which this is you know I want you yeah America is you'll need resumes. This is. -- -- -- It's it's apparent that you -- happens aren't happy humor on our views on the -- We ask you know everything's great you know the energy industry and fire service friends on -- -- Us women zero she's an internationally it causes aren't rises again -- friends yeah. Right right there it's brilliant and there. And Wednesday's -- that legislation passed us yeah well why didn't you -- you don't know if that happens -- You know I don't I realize we were hearing that -- yeah yeah easier -- rule and regulation. -- -- certainly aren't fresh from down in his address racism goes out. Wish it was really exert their views -- worse. It was a pretty positive and I. I think -- -- network partners. There. It's. Our positions. Days. And our friends. -- our reasons -- Here it pretty much difference there and -- World class. -- yeah it's looking really really. -- early today her or -- or -- congress now. You're managing so -- it's you know it's it's -- determinations and yes. Class squeeze your determinations me. Oh yeah fire or police officer. Me days where you it is -- thing Britain's. History it's just yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It is. It's 200 more days. City somewhere. As time runs -- Yeah yeah time news. -- you. Council's. This drives me. Because we're so sort of rumors and it's it's. Our -- You were these courses are partners yeah. It's. It's. Isn't -- here. -- Justice process. And it's one time. Congress -- congress -- so that her daughter please house he's. Especially authors of heroes that -- -- It. Clearly we need to get behind and we thought -- behind -- -- you do. Human. Viruses use -- what's it. You also -- the deteriorating business grade -- this is 100%. When you go to the website the numbers and listen if you're congress yours and -- and not listen. Call find out -- I don't know why they don't support firefighters. What I want and ask them that way why don't support humor Barnes. Also of course and it's. I'm sorry I'm sorry compliment you're not number. We'll let you division and at least here on here bill. And I implore you. It's a look at these numbers that little money. -- -- great -- -- which is educational classes well candidates will. Just a wonderful event that farmers. And even more important that and again as well as there taking care costs -- for just. These rumors fire because what you. Humor versus these guys. You you do tremendous job for us really appreciate. We. -- -- Speaking about his. It's important that suggests that. 5%. Thought it was 5% what you heard here because guys over the age group. Yeah the younger guys -- 44%. Thirty they're. Look at that if you can hear your vision for one. It's less. Than that 5%. To -- on this organization. And we can do membership. And try to get the numbers that the yeah -- other great organization right partner of ours. Reporter. Our efforts. Wonderful absolutely. True that's as the world president -- person that is. The whole group is. We can't say enough about men like -- -- rich -- got us. But she won't let him surely if -- -- Get involved pay attention. Because. Of politics as well as interest and today. When you think about the Internet -- else. Local is is -- easy today. You know -- really needs to help our Brothers and Idaho -- you city Orlando and everywhere else. To have Sean and build -- -- we know that we talk about wild -- this year resolution while. And we discuss it and bullets that struck me. The court is that while that is. We looked at pictures from the university. And that with you our -- Guy's full usually thoughtful -- here to talk about he stressed my goodness. While so. There on the forefront of getting those types of things. For people who can get us some money and backing. The support we need to push the local level will listen -- -- -- international leaders. Yeah great resource. Are hello are. -- All phones. She. Fast track every -- Goes back. Twenty years. So are very happy -- want to see you know how that event ever congress those sponsored. -- -- are there you go on policy. And that issue and it's getting -- listen closely. And -- -- easy whether congress'. Is sponsoring. Legislation. Doesn't move unless you have members. -- He's actually doing. Well what are you. Legislation ever is gets passed that law officer in order. Gives you Erica. So again you know -- -- other organizations in -- our -- great web sites that post their homeless patient and a offer you know hockey pools. So again you in -- industry extremely important. We -- fires there is preaches a message and the best way to do that again on national issues. Is it is seen in 88 DR or engage with the -- yes yes yes -- -- organizations. -- -- -- -- I think one reason -- -- is successful in -- here. Question it is yeah law enforcement community is that he's an error speaking when it was more than you have. In and he read -- hear that especially you know -- with the challenges -- you fiscal priorities that are out there you know Iraq War experience. So. Again that you're gonna really great job getting the message. And -- -- -- for yours or are. You know my dad was -- it won't he's. Good companies like inform customers. -- -- Good government comes from performances. So it. Going to say go to Thomas. LLC. -- -- -- -- it goes. Yeah formula was well negative she grew up and go okay and shall -- risk versus this thing. But I'll get -- the.

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