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FDIC 2007: Tom Brennan Training Achievement Award

Fri, 22 Feb 2008|

Named for the legendary Fire Engineering editor, the 2007 Training Achievement Award goes to Jim McCormack of the Indianapolis (IN) Fire Department.



It's -- -- warm up with the is this is -- notes where they -- yeah doesn't. -- -- -- And who gets the -- -- Okay -- is gone so far today. Since you want. Yeah that's a big deal got out of since -- imaginations. I realize that they don't really know what they're talking about other ornaments were up from the -- The things. Don't want a firefighter got cooler in the same place and -- lot of doubles on grass. Because my -- who really was a new -- human component goes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Nice it was a -- firefighters 101000005. -- Oh okay we'll move to the next are you. The police chief and my assistant -- I don't always says yeah where did you get that figure. This automated up. -- -- -- I could never get excited about a one story building slowly -- -- excited about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got emotions on the rise times and they're gonna give me the best reason whatsoever. Is only -- full candidate is. I'm sure -- -- not. Really -- But we -- yeah. We didn't stand in the circle and talk we show that we haven't recovered -- and brought them home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Any language that comes out of the other side. Of the firehouse -- -- -- you have to deal with. And -- should be good enough about it. That you can say anything you want to say in any language that they think they understand reinforce that and get the money and run before the news program. -- Well no one I don't think there's a lot of and advisers. And -- -- I have very simple leadership. Suspect. -- mylar gold. Has -- somebody's speech about. Second place gains and loses and loses -- losing trophy. And the other was a three sentence statement that's. Ready. The discussion of rescuing firefighters this kind of we've also -- Because. Tactics. Firefighters from having the first -- that the -- you know you guys in these -- the traditional. -- -- -- Because of the -- I don't know -- -- know -- something you don't -- traditional. Management is his manners you know leadership is getting things -- -- -- -- when things being done. I'm driving and driving success -- -- some other. Is really what it is like to see long. Company level of commitment. To performance excellence no matter what you call. I mean going to fires and two people on on a firestorm on the -- -- -- thousand dollar mark for his lowest. For the plus. You know you say the city a lot of and you do what we push ahead will be clear when you get them. There was only one of course -- have these guys say listen this is your job now of the matter what they do what you. I'm gonna tell you something I totally -- last year. You lot of fire service. And tomorrow. Tell India take get old because it's being taken from -- that it's -- -- fuel line. To have some type of future that you find going to be in charge. My husband a lot of energy away from my -- over Julie gets news. And hopes that maybe some old people need -- some young -- like them very. -- -- the sports and. Hands. Okay. The F fire engineering tree achievement award was established they are. That was his contributions to me the American first service more effective. -- and professional. That video Regis wow. Is the hallmark. Of those words. The work that these -- the work of these people. Has improved operational effectiveness. As provided a positive. Role model for fire service instructors. Customers include people like -- -- And he Fredericks. Tracing -- just in the few. -- to present the award today is Diane Feldman who's the executive editor of fire engineering conference director. Who for the last eighteen years has helped craft the pages of America's most influential foreign service publication. Diane more than anyone else alive today has read more -- -- -- service related writings. She knows the great ones. And one time or another she isn't at all. -- then Diana's Glenn Corbett. He's a member of the fire service is 1978. -- a professor at John Jay college of New York City. He's our technical editor of fire engineering and assistant -- football -- New Jersey fire department. Previously held the position of administrator. Of engineers -- service in San Antonio Texas our apartment. And has a masters of engineering degree from. Worcester Polytechnic institute and Massachusetts -- test -- from Massachusetts. And authored two chapters of the fire prevention protection -- she's handbook that tradition which Tom Brennan by the way was the editor of Clinton continues to amaze everybody with his passion -- love the fire service. His unwavering loyalty -- -- -- its mission is unrelenting efforts to make it safer and has tremendous credibility. Rose's sister's ladies and gentlemen. Please help me in welcoming Diane Feldman and professor Glenn Corbett. This year we have green in the fire and demanding training achievement award. For our mentor and our friend Tom friend. -- -- the editor of -- engineering for eight years. And he led the technical editor he had more than 35 years of fire service experienced. Including FC NY and Waterbury Connecticut. Q is also the recipient of that 1998. -- -- engineering and lifetime achievement award. Through his writing this is key chains and even his everyday conversations. With firefighters across America. -- exemplified training achievement and everything that he did. We are honored today that the brand and family could be here for this special award. His daughter I -- please stand up. His daughter Carrie and her husband handy. His son Brian. And his son Tommy. His son Tommy carries his name. A name that means instant recognition in the halls here at FDIC. And now please join me and welcoming to the states. Comes wonderful wife Janet. Growing up this and Ed and Mary McCormick. Jim McCormick had no choice but to join the fire service. His dad was the chief of training. At the Massachusetts. Fire academy and both of his parents worked out of their health. Building the IS SSI and the FBI city. A lot of informal learning happened around the kitchen table and Jim absorb it all. After graduating from the Massachusetts fire academy and doing the Hopkinton Massachusetts fire department. Jim join the Indianapolis fire department where he is Malibu -- Along the way he founded the fire department training network the FDTN. Which kept them on the cutting edge of his firefighting skills. He shares experiences and learn from others as well. Passing along the blue collar trade a firefighting and blue collar terms other firefighters and officers. It was and has always been his mission to keep things simple and understandable. To those he is training. What began this simple rioting has become a lifelong mission. And he's always trying to find a way to provide realistic training and material. FDT and distributes a monthly training -- -- and apartment training package to more than 1000 members and apartments. It has published nine training manuals on street smart firefighting tactics. The network also operates a fifty Acre training academy outside of Indianapolis. The facility is to complete -- structures allow students perform live fire training in multiple occupancy types. A strip mall burn center structures under development. Multiple training building some props allows students to perform all the necessary skills required during -- firefighting operations. Maintain the facility like -- running an actual fire department. FTC and friends an average of twenty courses a year at this training facility. As well as courses throughout the country providing hands on training to approximately a thousand firefighters the year. The network is now applying to the state of Indiana to be recognized and accredited as a school of higher education. And is in the development stages of the first nine associate degree program and -- ground operation. According to -- to -- chief Bill Brown. Not only does -- step and most current training curriculum. But he also finds creative ways introduce that curriculum so students and -- -- throughout the nation can return home safely from every fire. Cool. FCC and -- motto is training saves lives firefighters. And it's his motto kill. For this we recognize -- lieutenant Jim McCormick but the very first. Tom -- and training achievement award jam. -- chief Jim -- would like to say a few words. Thank you. -- -- -- soon as -- on our department certainly reap the benefits. And -- selecting gradually doctor -- and congratulations sir. Any of us he's -- -- -- the national fire can name one time or another has always looked in the back of room -- -- -- -- Making sure that and then it creek on the receiving is what we need -- thank you very much for your support. You know they fire chief. And anything you -- training her part of the leadership of party permanent you also know that is tough to schedule training. With all requirements that -- -- -- for hazardous materials. The state requirement -- -- -- training. And recruit classes and our department last -- five months. How do you fit income in training and the department it's always a challenge and church apartment has a small train staff as ours does that even as a larger challenge. Last year we had an idea our department to try to start and reinvent the FTO program. For the train and we thought we needed for our firefighters to make them safer -- perform your duties and much safer more professional man. -- -- Jim McCormick. His ideas. His his facility. He has spurred on -- for -- -- -- Indianapolis he wanted to bring our department. The -- strong nature says. It needs to be either way I treated that way I delivered so it's done safely and with with the trainers and he can he can collectively. Address and deliver the training. So if that -- of -- approximately ten instructors. And teaching all of our firefighters. Over a 48 week period. In skills as as C -- as CDA survival skills. Entanglement emergencies. Firefighters -- made today emergency escape needs. Breaching for survival. In the anymore. That training staff and delivered to all our firefighters. Over 6000 hours 6000 man hours of training. Which made our department in a much safer department and the way we know that one of the younger firefighters are department shortly after receiving -- training. -- in entrap an entanglement. He reached back from the class of when he was -- by Jim McCormick. Settled himself down. Pulled out -- -- that Jim McCormick recommended to all those firefighters carrying and was able to. Extract himself -- Safety network. So we know the system works and how fortunately our -- in on our apartment in -- -- -- you. Continues success. And also what I -- -- also introduce the director Barbara Morgan he's a policy trajectory Indianapolis he tremendously supports our department. And one thing he does understand he's a retired military man. He understands that you have to provide in the east of the troops to -- to perform the job and get the test. Some -- elected thank mr. Morgan for being here this morning. And once again thank you all. This really is this is -- McCormack to. Everybody knows you can't believe he still has this uniform. -- -- -- --

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