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FDIC 2011 Preview: Truck Company Search Operations

Fri, 24 Sep 2010|

Firefighter Joe Alvarez of the Maplewood (NJ) Fire Department describes the benefits of attending Truck Company Search Operations hands-on training at FDIC 2011.



Paid on my name's Joe -- -- -- firefighter Maplewood New Jersey fire department and the lead instructor truck companies search operations for her FB IC. In this class you're -- experience -- confidence which firefighters are gonna have to go through very strenuous. Obstacles to keep themselves alive. The second station is going to be primary search for firefighters -- gonna end up searching. Threat adverse conditions -- two -- quickened their primary search of its residential structure. That third evolution is gonna be -- -- insert. Again students are gonna have to vote for adverse conditions they're gonna go up next year ground ladder to do a primary search above a fire. He's a great -- you're gonna learn a lot. He keeps you safe on -- fire ground. We're looking forward to seeing you next year please sign up early because this class does sell out and remember stay safe out there.

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