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FDIC 2011 Preview: Forcible Entry HOT

Fri, 1 Oct 2010|

John Buckheit of the FDNY describes what you can expect from the FDIC 2011 forcible entry class.



I'm John Buckeyes from the FDNY and I'm out here with at the ICI's. We instructive for the hot class in forcible entry. And what we yachts set up was wanted to -- -- firefighter emergency worker that came to our plants. That they would deal deal with almost any force electric problem that they might counter out there in the world. We designed and -- built. Some really dynamite props. And we got top -- practice and we've had nothing but really really are great reviews from -- at -- in the class. So we'd love to see you next yeah but my advice would be signed up early -- it it sells out. Looking forward -- seeing. Yeah. -- that stuff.

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