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The Reduced Profile Method

Tue, 11 Jan 2011|

Mike Ciampo of the FDNY demonstrates an easy way for firefighters to loosen and adjust their SCBA so they can navigate through narrow spaces.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Mike Ciampo. Welcome to this segment of Training Minutes. Many times firefighters, while wearing their SCBA will have to fit through a narrow area or space, maybe on a fire escape between the ladder and the building. Unfortunately with the SCBA on their backs. We won't be able to fit through that area. We try to force ourselves through, we become wedged. There's a simple technique called the reduced profile method. What we're gonna do is, we're gonna extend our right shoulder strap out. We'll remove our right arm. The right hand is now gonna come to the waistband. The left hand is gonna go to the tank, the neck of the tanks. And we're gonna rotate the mass to our side. Now we may be able to come through an area, and fit through the space. Once we're through the space, we're gonna go back to our right hand, and our left hand. And we're gonna move it back around. And the right hand is just gonna drag back, to find our shoulder strap and come right back on. Then he can, the firefighter would just tighten his strap back up and back, back into position to operate. Once the firefighter has forced the door, he should get real low in the space, and shine his light forward. He's trying to get underneath the smoke, and get a layout of the room in the apartment. Unfortunately many times, as you go to open a door, we'll have blockage there. Could be a victim, could be a piece of furniture. Take your tool and try to probe behind to see what's wrong. Unfortunately we won't be able to fit through this space. This is where we will use a reduced profile method. You'll come back. We're going to loosen up the right shoulder strap. You're going to slide your right arm out. You come back to your waist. We're going to twist, and then we'll be able to fit through this space. And come back, we'll twist it back around. We'll look for this shoulder strap. [SOUND] Remember the reduce profile method is a quick maneuver to perform to fit through a narrow spot we're not completely removing our mask we're just sliding it to one side of our body. To fit through an opening and then we're re applying our mask to our back. And operating. I'm Mike Chappo. Thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes.

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