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The Reduced Profile Method

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Tue, 11 Jan 2011|

Mike Ciampo of the FDNY demonstrates an easy way for firefighters to loosen and adjust their SCBA so they can navigate through narrow spaces.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- times firefighters are wearing their RC BA while to sit through narrow area or space may be on fire -- between the latter and the building. I'm fortunate with the SE BA on our backs. We won't be able to fit through that area will try to force ourselves truly become wedge. Does simple technique called reduced profile method. Well we're gonna do is we're gonna extend. Our right shoulder strap out will remove our right arm. The right hand is now -- -- come through waist -- The left hand isn't going to tank -- -- we're gonna rotate the mass to our side. Now -- may be able to come through an area. And trip through space. Once we're through the space little back to our right hand and are left hand remove background. And rating registered dragged back. -- our shoulder strap and come right back on. Anything Harvard would just tightness -- back up. Will be back in position operate. -- -- -- -- -- -- Try receiver runs -- left -- right. Unfortunately many times as you're gonna open the door while blockage there could be a victim group -- piece of furniture take your tool. And try to probe. And you see -- Unfortunately room we -- -- through space. This is where or use a reduced profiled and I welcome back. Where loosen up the right shoulder strap. There's slide your right arm out. I'm back to waste. Of twists. And -- won't be able to fit through this space. Come back. Will twist the background. Will look through -- shoulder strap. Remember the reduce profile -- a quick. Maneuver to perform to children are spot. Where are completely removing our masks we just sliding into one's out of our body to sit through an opening there were replying to -- -- back and operate. I'm Mike Jambo -- -- watching this segment returns.

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