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The Bounce

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Mon, 13 Dec 2010|

Ray McCormack explains how to use "The Bounce," a floor-sweeping technique that allows you to use a hosestream to clear debris out of your immediate area before advancing the hoseline toward a fire area.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I -- McCormack welcome to training minutes. In this segment we're gonna talk about a -- sweeping technique called the balance. What the bounces for -- to make sure that all the debris in your immediate vicinity is swept out of your way as you advance on the fire area. In a previous trading minute I discuss sweeping the -- The only problem firefighters have is they start the -- too far away from their advance. By including the balance -- make sure that all the debris any hot embers or anything that might puncture -- protect the -- -- Is swept out of the way. And now. The battle. As you just sort of previous video. The -- also assist us with our -- to move forward once the bounce technique was done. The backup firefight -- knew it was time to pull holes and that they were going to advance deeper into the fire on. By using the -- technique -- clear away debris from your immediate area and have a well coordinated fire attack. I'm Marie McCormick and thanks for watching training.