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Week in Review: January 30, 2011

Sat, 29 Jan 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's fire-related news.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Bobby Halton and thanks for tuning into the Week in Review. This week we're being brought to you by the Fire Departments Instructor's Conference, starting on the first day of spring this year, March 21st. 30,000 firefighters, including you, are going to descend once again for the 84th time on the city of Indianapolis. FDIC has been the premier fire service conference in the nation since 1928 and it's not only the largest in terms of attendees. But with over 400 instructors, 300 classes, it is simply without equal in the fire service conference arena. With everything in hands on training in vet, from ventilation to executive level leadership, FDiC is where the very best go to train, network, socialize and advance this great profession that we call the fire service. We wanted to let you know that classes are filling up. As a matter of fact, the hands on training classes that are already sold out are advance car and SUV, flash over, heavy vehicle extrication, live fire first due tactics, all sold out. Also space is starting to get very tight in our new live fire aircraft fire fighting and rescue class. This live fire class is going to have props. Not only in large aircraft but small private aircraft and helicopters. This unique, one of a kind training is a must for any fire department that has a local airstrip. Which basically is all of us. So go to FDIC.com and sign up today. Now, let's look at the week in review. Let's look at our number one story. Tragically 68 firefighters were laid off in the city Camden, New Jersey. A city that has a been plagued by economic down turn over the years left in the hands of what we can best describe as incompetent and laissez faire leadership on behalf of the local government. With today's economic climate any city which is dependent on 80 percent of it's revenue from the state government is in tremendous trouble. We in the fire service know that austerity is coming and in many places it's already here. We in the fire service know that we're going to be called upon to accept additional duties, and we will do so willingly. We in the fire service know that our salary increases may not be there as they were in the past, and that our pay increases might be more in line with that of the rest of our communities, and we have no problem with that. We in the fire service know that we are critical to the quality of life in our communities that we serve, and we are, first and foremost, a service. We in the Fire Service exist to serve the public. And we do so regardless of what is happening economically in our communities. Fire fighters know that the American spirit is one of perpetual optimism. We understand that there will always be hills and valleys in our republic struggle for a greater union, and that the Fire Service will be a part of that continuous struggle. We know that because we continually innovate that we can continually advance that we continually recognize the challenges and find solutions. Sometimes quickly and sometimes with considerable effort. But we find them nonetheless that that is the nature of the American firefighter. And that is the nature of the American con, economy. Like Camden our nation has been allowed to go into tremendous debt. Excessive and unsustainable debt is a tremendous evil for an individual. Excessive and unsustainable debt is equally evil and dangerous for our country. Our forefathers knew this and warned against it, however like Camden we were victims of decades of career politicians who are best incompetent and laissez faire in their leadership. Fortunately we're seeing those type of people being asked to step down and a new breed of service oriented, educated, and motivated politician, both Democrat, Republican, and Independent are taking their place; both sides of the aisle now filled with quality, and respectable, intelligent people. The fire service is neither Democrat nor Republican, it is neither Independent nor Libertarian. It is neither career nor volunteer. It is the Fire Service. It is service to all. It's the greatest example of man's humanity to man. So take heart my fellow fire fighters and dot, do not allow the fools and miscreants to make you angry. For anger is the hallmark of the incompetent. Do not allow the ignorant and the incompetent to get you upset, and become pessimistic. Continue to endeavour to serve your communities, continue to find a ways, ways to make things work, continue to be firefighters. To our brothers and sisters in Camden and all the other firefighters across the country who've been laid off, America will come back. Camden someday will come back. We will find the solutions. We will continue to serve our communities and this country. Thank you very much for watching today. Also remember to support our good friends at EVO, Emergency Vehicle Outfitters. They built these fine podiums for us at FDIC and this fine one I'm standing next to for Fire Engineering. FDIC downtown hotel rooms are filling up fast, there is some space left. The 78 Precon classes are starting to fill up so get online now and get your spot in those classes. And the international class is really starting to get tight, so 12 international instructors, finest minds in the world, will be at FDIC. I know you will be too, I'm looking forward to seeing you there. I'm Bobby Halton. That's a quick Week in Review and remember please. Be careful out there. [MUSIC]

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