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The Quick-Release Method

Tue, 8 Feb 2011|

Mike Ciampo demonstrates a quick way of temporarily removing your SCBA in order to escape an entanglement on the fireground.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi I'm Mike Ciampo welcome to this segment of training minutes. Today we're gonna deal with something called the quick release method. Unfortunately may times on a fire ground a firefighter could become entangled. Whether it's wire, cable wires running down a hallway coming in a window getting caught up in the blinds or the curtain strings. It holds us up. We can't pull forward, we're trapped. We're just hung up on something so small, but it's something so small, but it's hanging us up. To perform this method, the firefighter will come over to both shoulder straps and he is gonna release. He's gonna slide his right arm out. [noise] Then he's going to come with his right hand, right to the seat belt, and release the seat belt. His left hand is going to maintain a grip on the shoulder strap. It's very important he never lets go of this left hand. As he slides the mask off, he can turn in to the mask and try to see what he's getting hung up on. It's very important that if you have your tools, a knife, a wire cutter, a plier, you keep that in your right pocket or your right leg pocket. And you come out [SOUND] And you'll be able to cut. You'll look for that wire, that entanglement, and you'll be able to cut it and you can return your tool. It's very important that we don't ever let go of the left hand. The left hand is very important. If we lose the mask or we let go of the left hand. What happens if we grab? How are we gonna put it back on? He wants you to maintain that left hand grip. This way he knows where the pack is, and he can also throw it back on. he can then find it and toss it, and it'll put it right back on. it is very easy to do in a zero visibility smoke condition. Comes back with his shoulder straps, finds his waist straps, he reconnects. [NOISE] Now you can proceed forward. Again, this is a very important maneuver, to master skill. You can become entangled very easy in a fire ground. Although some people say you shouldn't take your SCBA off your body. There's no sense in fighting the material for minutes at a time, causing panic, more use of air. Learn this technique, it may save your life. [music] [noise] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [SOUND] Remember this is a quick release maneuver, it's designed to get us out of an entanglement quickly. If a suspended ceiling were to drop and pin us down, that's when we would probably want to cal a Mayday, and have others arrive, to help us get out of the entanglement. I'm Mike Ciampo, thanks for watching this segment of Training Minutes. [SOUND]

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