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Week in Review: February 25, 2011

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Fri, 25 Feb 2011|


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-- Hi and welcome to fire engineering so we can review I'm your host Bobby hall and editor in chief of fire injuring magazine. And this week were brought to you by the fire department instructors conference. We are only three weeks away from the official beginning of spring. And the annual pilgrimage of the fateful. To FDIC. This year were anticipating almost 30000 firefighters will be joining you and Indianapolis. For the world's greatest conference and exhibition. And this is just not a cliche line. Go to the website and you'll see that hands on training revolutions are filling up fast eleven classes are posted is completely sold out. And space is limited the remaining slots. There's a reason why FDIC hands on training -- It's being conducted by the very best fire service instructors in the world. -- prices that are far below the cost of regional training workshops to start to fill -- fast as well. So go online today at FDIC dot com and get registered. This year -- FDIC. There are eighteen hands on training evolution is being taught by over -- 190 instructors. There -- 78 workshops with around a hundred instructors Monday and Tuesday followed by 224. Classes over the next three days you don't -- anything close to that. Anywhere else and you probably never will. That's why there is only one FDIC. And when you're there remember Wednesday night is the -- bash. Thursday night is the courage and -- five K followed by stop -- rock and roll. Friday night we have the battle of the bands followed by union night Overton museum. And in between we have the combat challenge. The national fallen firefighters their -- And dozens of other events and activities. Provided for your entertainment and your time off -- -- in between there are few -- report to be open in the area I think all week. And now let's take a look at the week in review. Safer grants are coming to the rescue in Atlanta. -- 75 firefighters are scheduled to benefit from this grant of nine point eight million also the city of Trenton it's receiving eighteen million. For 61 firefighters over the next two years preferences Sacramento have been awarded eleven million. For 51 firefighters in the Sacramento region. We had some blogging about safer earlier in the week regarding the fact that the House of Representatives. Has passed on a budget guaranteeing safer funding to the senate. Which is not yet taken up this bill. Be sure to call your senator and let them know that you want them to pass a budget and you want to fire Akron and safer preserved. Layoffs continue. In Michigan. Allan park fire department sent out layoff notices to the entire fire department indicating that the layoffs would take place in thirty days. In San Jose California -- -- looming budget crisis in California. Potentially 145. Firefighters and 364. Cops. Could be laid off before the end of the year. And and sad and tragic news. News. And investigations now under way. To determine whether or not sub standard construction. And sub standard inspection techniques. Were used in the building of an on site house for filming purposes. Which caught fire. Killing veteran Los Angeles city firefighter. -- -- -- was killed respondent to house fire in Hollywood Hills. He was among six other LA firefighters. Who were injured when a partial ceiling collapse occurred during the fire. When was 61 years of age. And was eligible for retirement. He saw the birth of its first grandchild a week earlier. He had 36 years -- service. With the city of Los Angeles. -- thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends. The Brothers and sisters. In Los Angeles who we know we'll miss -- greatly. Please keep your eyes posted. And fire engineering dot com for the unveiling of our new. An exclusive. Bloggers training site -- the very best shrinking bloggers are going to be assembled in one location. For -- constant review and reference. Will be unlike any other blogging site in the world. It will not contain opinions on pop slides or needle point. We're so -- thoughts about Republicans or Democrats. It will not contain the vast experience of the two year veteran of east nowhere -- who -- some of the -- -- fire hero. Rather it's gonna contain solid trading information backed up by solid experience. Written by people who you know and who you trust. No fancy screen names no smoke and mirrors and no one hit wonders. Real solid information from real solid people look for coming soon -- fire engineering dot com. Also flourishing dot com is gonna have a complete make over to be unveiled sometime mid April to early -- So come see the brand new fire engineering dot com. Remember friends that FDIC's just about twenty days away so start packing up your bunker -- Grab your -- helmet. Dust off your harvest short jacket and let the family know you'll be in Indianapolis from march 21 to march 26. I'm probably home. And remember. Here.

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