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Week in Review: March 5, 2011

Sat, 5 Mar 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reviews this week's major fire news.



[MUSIC] Hi and welcome to Fire Engineering's Week in Review. I'm Bobby Halton, the Editor-in-Chief of Fire Engineering Magazine and thanks for checking in with us here at FireEngineering.com. The Week in Review this week is being brought to you by the Fire Department Instructors Conference. FDIC is now only three weeks away and as we've been telling you the last couple of weeks, things are filling up fast. As of today ten of those hands on training programs are completely sold out and there's limited space left in the few classes left remaining, the eight other classes. So be among the expected 30,000 firefighters who are gonna be descending on Indianapolis March 21st. Hey, don't forget to register for the Courage and Valor Fun Run. I'd really appreciate that. You can register at fdic.com. And now, to the news. There was some really good news from the City of Brotherly Love. The Philly mayor is expected to introduce a controversy free, financial plan with no major tax hikes, no cuts, and even money for the fire department overtime. That's the good news out of Philly. On a sadder note, Philly firefighters who responded to a two-alarm fire on the eighth floor of a public housing building in north Philadelphia ran into some tremendous challenges. Ten firefighters were injured, along with three residents. The most significant injury occurred to firefighter Michael McGuire, whose air pack ran out of air unexpectedly while he was searching in that north Philly highrise. Currently, firefighter McGuire is still listed in serious condition at a Philly hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with firefighter McGuire for a speedy recovery. You can read more about that at www.fireengineering.com. Firefighters in San Jose, California have reached a deal with city officials which will result in a 10% pay decrease and a benefit decrease, but it does avoid future layoffs for the next two years. Injured, meanwhile, in New Jersey. In Trenton, thousands of cops and firefighters showed up Thursday to protest against proposed cuts in their pension and healthcare benefits. We have video of the protest up here in our clip syndicates at FireEngineering.com along with several good stories about the event and the issues there in New Jersey. In Costa Mesa. 472 full-time employees of the city are expected to get lay-off notices in the next few days. Budget and financial woes in our cities and communities continue pretty much unabated, and it's probably gonna be a while before this works itself out, but it is gonna work itself out. In fire fighting news, a Florida wildfire driven by strong winds hampered the efforts of firefighters in central Florida yesterday. The fires is causing breathing issues with local residents, and it actually shut down I 95 a couple times, briefly over the last few days due to visibility. The Ironhorse fire has now burned over 16,000 acres. And is threatening area homes. Go to fireengineering.com for continuous updates on this massive Florida wildfire. For more on the news of the day go to our news section. Remember, get your training there and check out our new and latest features and the final preparations for FDIC are under way. I'll be heading out in two weeks to get on, boots on the ground there, for the hands on. Be among the first national tribute to the 10th anniversary of our fallen brothers at 9/11; to be held on opening day, at FDIC. We're requesting that if you're coming to opening ceremonies at FDIC on Wednesday, that you wear your dress blue uniforms to the opening ceremony. Our key note speaker's gonna be Captain Mike Dugan of the FDNY. This year at FDIC we're gonna have more attendees, more activities, more vendors, and more events planned than any other previous FDIC. Register for that Courage and Valor 5K on Thursday night. Don't forget the fool's bash on Wednesday night. Stop drop rock n roll is on Thursday night. And for you athletes out there the combat challenge is scheduled and the National Fallen Firefighters 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb. Friday night's the battle of the bands followed by the union night party. It' gonna be one incredible FDIC. The largest eer, the biggest crowd ever, and more activities than you're gonna be able to get to. So safe travels on your way to Indianapolis, I'll see you all there. I'm Bobby Halton, that's the news, remember please. Be careful out there. [MUSIC]

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