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The Backup Firefighter Position

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Tue, 15 Feb 2011|

Ray McCormack gives important tips on proper movement and technique by the backup firefighter during hoseline advancement.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Marie McCormick welcome to training meant in this segment we're gonna show you the importance of how to do the backup firefighter positions. You know first segment you're going to see the back up five -- and a follow -- not qualified by this is incorrect when making a turn. The -- firefighter makes that turn that back up five China should swing in the opposite direction. As the back up fire -- you'll movements are direct opposite of those of the novel by. Anytime you go through a doorway. You want to make sure we get through it as quickly as possible and move to one side of the doorway or the other when you make entrance into this new world. The heat level. Is going to try and come down at out of that go away at you. This is the hottest place that you could stay so you don't want to stay there any longer than necessary. Anytime you're in a doorway. Make -- move around as quickly as possible so you stay out of that high need area. In this example we see the back up by a fighter moving in the opposite direction of the novel firefighter when they're making that turn. What that does force it gives us additional posed to make that turn. And it keeps the line in -- in history to position as possible making it easier for the novel firefighter and operate the novel. The role of the back -- firefighter is crucial to proper extinguishment. If you know how to rule. In the opposite direction of the novel firefighter you're gonna make that fired -- that was easier that much safer and that -- -- Remember do everything opposite of the novel by violence and we'll edit them and I'm Marie McCormick has been trained.

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