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Proper Nozzle Handling Technique

Tue, 21 Dec 2010|

Lieutenant Ray McCormack of the FDNY explains how to handle the nozzle when trying to bring a hoseline into a fire room.


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Hi I'm Marie McCall Mac welcome to training minutes. In this segment we're gonna display proper nozzle handling technique. The firefighters trying to make access the last room with a hose stream by holding it. Close to his body in the -- has now he'll be unable to turn into that room and deliver the stream to extinguish the fire. When he changes his hand position. You'll be able to bend the line into the room successfully making -- extinguishment of the fire. Same firefighter. Saying nozzle same hole is different technique success. In this portion of our drill which you can do at your fire house you can do this on the outside with the inside of a vacant building. Want the firefighter -- shoulder up against the wall the grip close to their body and try and see if they can make the turn into that room. In this scenario they will not be successful. In this segment the firefighter has nozzle in front of his body. What this allows him to do is make that turn into that room and extinguish the fire he hasn't physically move. But having the line in front of your body allows you to. Gain access to areas that you were unable to get with the previous. Console holding position. Is it great drilled to try -- the academy where in the firehouse. Of the firefighters -- -- -- different positions. And let them see for themselves. Importance of proper -- I'm -- a moment but thanks for watching training.

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