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The Scissor Door

Mon, 14 Mar 2011|

Ray McCormack explains how to deal with Scissor Doors, or door that cut off access to half of an apartment, when advancing a hoseline on a fire.



[BLANK_AUDIO] [MUSIC] Hi, I'm Ray McCormack. Welcome to training minutes. In this segment we're going to talk about the scissor door. The scissor door is a door that cuts off half of an apartment. You can find this door on the side door entrance of private dwellings or in apartments in multiple [INAUDIBLE]. Our problem is that we need to get behind the door to fight the fire. The way we do that is we bring hose into the uninvolved portion of the apartment and then move it forward. If the whole apartment is on fire, we want to knock down this open area first, pull this door closed, and go and attack the balance of the fire. Let's take a look at the proper technique involved when we have fire beyond the door. We're gonna bring our hose in. We're gonna stage it and we're gonna fight the fire. We're gonna keep a firefighter at this door to open it for us and control it as we advance on that fire area. [SOUND]. [NOISE] In this example, the whole occupancy is on fire. We have fire behind the door as well. What we'll do is we'll knock down the fire in this open area first, turn our hoseline around. Maintain control of this door to block any fire coming at us. Once we have this area knocked down we can control what's going on here, we close the door a little bit and we can advance on the remaining body of fire beyond the door. [SOUND] [NOISE] [SOUND] [NOISE] One of the main lessons you should take away from this training minute is the proper staging of your attack hose line. Whether it's inside the [UNKNOWN] or outside, proper staging of your attack hose line. For your fire advance is critical to your success. As you saw in the video, once the hose was brought in sufficiently into the occupancy, we were able to go beyond that doorway and go for final extinguishment. Keep yourself safe, make sure your hose line management is up to par, I'm Ray McCormick, this has been training minutes

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