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Today at FDIC 2011: Sunday

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Sun, 20 Mar 2011|

Chief Bobby Halton reports in from FDIC 2011 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I am Bobby -- and welcome to FDIC 2011. Today is Sunday the day before the show really kicks off but there was a lot going on today last few days actually but today especially. -- classes are said no you can't imagine the amount of work that goes -- -- that from the last five days. We actually demolished a 6500. Square foot house today. Three story house with a three story spiral. Oak staircase it's an unbelievable collapse job. The and the guys did a fantastic job -- collapse of those students are gonna get the experience of a lifetime. The hot classes are going great -- 90% sold out of breaking an attendance record this year. The city is wall to wall with firefighters the bars are already over packed and full of this -- enough for the clatter and a little bit for another. Get together with the fools who wish you were here if you're not here. Get yourself here remember -- program launches on Wednesday morning we're gonna stream that live -- -- ministry Thursday live so -- wanna be watching that. If you are here and you're watching this from your hotel room. Remember we got the -- run on Thursday night we've got stop drop rock and roll on Thursday night on Wednesday night we got the fools bashed the countdown we've got the instructors. Their dinner on Tuesday night. On Friday -- we've got the battle of the bands we get the combat challenger got the -- -- -- we've got the union party. So get yourself down here -- FDI CB part of the greatest training exhibition in the world the greatest conference in the world. Can be a part of -- and hey let's take a look now what you didn't get to be part of today here in Indianapolis and FDIC 2000. I'd recommend it to anybody it's very. -- -- educational experience experiences is amazing. All the vendors are under one roof. You're looking activities with the -- this is pleased to shop that's great experience would bring a lot -- India towards -- and -- On the new techniques things like that so life is a fantastic experience and now -- trying to get more guys commander here. I've heard a lot of artists did -- -- fortunate enough to -- comes here and I couldn't be happier and.