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Today at FDIC 2011: Tuesday

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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

Bobby Halton's update from day two of FDIC 2011.


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Well it's -- -- of FDIC 2011 and we couldn't have had a prettier day perfect day for training. Whether held out we have 4000 students out there on the drill field it was absolutely incredible from live fire aircraft for rescue -- collapsed to. Engine company operations every class was sold out it was an unbelievable that the workshops are packed. And right now you can feel the city just pulsing with firefighters as guys and gals from across the nation for around the world. A pouring into Indianapolis it's an incredible feeling you can. You can. You just can't explain it it's just amazing to see them crowds of firefighters gathering everywhere. Tomorrow we got some great stuff happening please put foraging dot com we're gonna stream the opening program for -- it's going to be a very moving tribute. We've got Mike -- -- noting it doesn't get -- better than that. We're gonna do it also -- there's -- ministry of foreign. If you're not here I feel terrible for you because you are missing the most fantastic FDIC ever. And if you were here today here's a little bit about what you --

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