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FDIC 2011 Opening Ceremony: Keynote Speaker Michael Dugan

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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

Michael M. Dugan, Captain Fire Department of New York asks "Why Are We Here?"


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This morning FDIC again is going to be graced with a key note that'll be talked about for years to come. He'll be analyzed by the bloggers will be reviewed by the pundits. He'll be replayed for recruits -- viewed -- fire service gatherings for years to come. But we use we -- who are here today and those who were watching -- live stream on the Internet on ABC. We'll be able to say that they were there when the world class key notre Mike -- took the stage in 2011. Mike's an old friend of mine is a neighbor my mom's back in New York. And more every can we like to get home and break bread together our favorite Long Island restaurant -- -- nineteen. And we being there together many times sometimes during good times and sometimes during bad times for the fire service. But we always talk about the work. Our conversations always come back to the core mission and work. Whether or not things are going well it's the work it's the service to the public that keeps us grounded focused and connected. Mike has a passion for the work for his family and for his beloved FDNY. Mike's a world class -- so let me give you short -- unlike. Michael -- is 35 year veteran fire service and it's 45 year veteran of the fire department of the city of New York. Where is a captain on -- one point three in Crown Heights Brooklyn. He was a volunteer firefighter in the house health site fire department and instructor at the inception of that to the FDNY -- annual education today. He developed programs currently taught to all FDNY members during -- annual education day. He's an FDIC instructor a writer for fire injuring magazine and featured lecture on topics related to trust company operations and -- today's fire service. Mike is a decorated firefighter and -- 1992 he was awarded the Gordon Bennett medal for valor while serving on ladder 43. Ladies and gentlemen. Is my distinct honor to present to you. The 2011. FDOFDIC. Key notre. Captain Michael -- Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My brother and -- five -- us. My question for you today is why are you here. Why did you show law. I know why -- try to make FDIC every yet and why I am here today. What we are going to be talking about today is why all we hear. What are you what I'm doing in the finest service. And more importantly what are you doing for all the -- service. Most veteran firefighters and fire offices have heard the question why we here. Numerous times in a different situation different contexts. If we hear why are we here. At a fire order a dangerous situation -- scene which -- -- to think. Always someplace we shouldn't be all we in danger did we miss something and -- signs up. While the firefighters and you when it's operating in the building know where you -- and more importantly. Does command. Do you have a way out in an emergency. If you need it. If we don't have an exit strategy. And good communications. Then may be we -- -- over our heads and be on the limits of what team. It might be time to reevaluate our current position and mission. Remember the number one mission and every -- it is. Every one goal is home are you here to put the fly around and be safe. I hope that's the plan. Why we hear it can also be a question as the 3 AM withdrawn and number asks in frustration. Why we hear -- -- nonsense wrong we the people of the finest service -- wanted. We will go where all those won't go will be there when all the people -- We will help the helpless wherever. Whenever because -- that's what we do. We will assist civilians. -- change a -- you would places smoke detect the battery. And we even do we EMS and believe it or not some of this Lubbock. -- -- -- Because that's why we are here why -- we -- -- us. This is the job we do and they -- it is really about us. The fire service. And its members. It's about what we do. And what we why we do. Most of us -- finest service because we like the idea of helping people and we love the -- service. Don't get me wrong. We all love going to fly isn't getting that adrenaline rush -- and -- the foreign. We love beating the red double. We love that. We love making the world right and safe again it's the greatest thing in the world after the fire was out the world is right and we love that. The finance service is the only civil service -- no -- of where folks wanna do more. Any you wanna go another -- If you did. Didn't say yes then go home all. Okay because we wanna do with that being said if we -- -- -- -- someone. Amplifier even though we would -- -- we will beat we needed a shower and we would help why. Because -- -- who we -- Because we off firefighters and firewall offices we try to make the world a better place for us be here. We also -- -- -- house because that's where we -- grounded. If you think you know everything. Or you think you someone special walk into a flying house kitchen. And -- realize very quickly how little you really know. -- -- The fun and games and -- four ounce it's great okay as one person stated. It's high school without homework and of course that's not true but if -- not having fun. You're doing something wrong. I know I'm growing old and I'm not growing up. Okay the jokes are still -- and they make me laugh even when they get -- We are still professionals. What we can and should have -- Sometimes we can hear the question why -- you here in firehouse kitchen. During a debate over some hot topic from the current politics union business local moves and so on. Every firefighter fire officer has an opinion. Some member of our team won't rule was pitching a gripe about this Saturday on the thing the -- firefighters ranting on and on in the kitchen. And the Brothers and sisters listening until someone finally being fed up by the -- says that a -- -- why are you here. Justice that trades. Brings the member on the -- -- -- reality and they realize. That they are complaining about a job they love. After September 11 2001. Members of the FDNY had signs made up that said still the best job in the world. You could try to copy that some -- on every rig -- and why. We love our job and we love firefighting because it. Appeals to -- nature and our sense of duty. Even after the murder of 343. Members and give you want and they were more. 23 members of the NYPD. And 37 members of the Port Authority police department we all still love -- job. The -- young men and women still want those jobs why. A sense of duty pride tradition. -- their values. Who knows what drives some of us but we are all working towards the same common goal. We want to help our fellow citizens. And make a difference in the world while keeping -- crew is safe. So why -- you hear it FDIC. What are you hoping to get out of your experience. FDIC for most of us is a chance to learn from others what they are doing to get better at their jobs. And how they are trying to be safer. What is working what is know. And what is happening throughout the finest service you'll hear these questions asked throughout FDIC. What changes. Have happened or -- being planned. It's also a time to teach. When Bobby -- smokeless last year. Introduce some of -- -- -- leaders agree general who said. Out of every hundred men they send me ten shouldn't even be here. Eighty you just -- us. Nine a real -- is -- real lucky to have them for they make the battle but -- that 11. As a warrior and he will bring the on the back. In the finest service the one and 100 is you. Okay that is the teacher. The meant to the brother and sisters to you'll fellow -- us. The 1% -- on the backbone of the finest service they are the ones that make it great. They are the ones willing to take. Too risky at all to try to do little to make the finance -- of this better. They on the people who want to leave the fire house. Defiant ground and the finest service. A better place because -- a moral part of it. That's what we do you what -- we try to make a difference. We can't stones. Into the water and try to make waves. -- -- the goes into the -- makes -- -- some of the waves wash away with no one noticing but some of them be -- large waves. They wash up on shore the large waves have an impact. Want people around you when people in front of you what we have to learn is when to throw the stones. And which way the tide is going because you don't want all you waves went out to say they useless you want to have an impact. You won't want to make a difference. Each of you today -- here because you warm involved in the fire service. You want to learn and hopefully to teach what you learned at FDIC. To your fellow firefighters back in your hometown. FDIC you can -- -- as the finest service books such as chief -- pride and ownership. -- Montag the basic emergencies. Captain Mike gag gag Cali on -- and the Seattle boys managing your -- she saw -- the engine company chief Norman. Company offices handbook of tactics what she admitting -- -- truck company operations. These men have written books that are considered to be reference standards -- the American finest service have you read them. All you informed of their -- Because you have a chance to meet these men and ask them questions and FDIC. That's a great thing. Okay I hope you've taken time to read their books wolf walk you Saudi asking the questions. Okay you should also be -- FDIC because it's a chance to meet people. Okay learned from them and interact with them. I have met some very good and dear friends -- FDIC. We met we found that we will like minded and had common goals and -- the bonds of friendship. Some of these people live miles and states away from me but we continue to be dear friends. When you get home you walk duty bound. To pass on the knowledge you gain from FDIC. And the class -- you would tended. Your job is to go home and share what you learn with those around of those why -- why did you work with. If you people all of your knowledge to yourself then no one else will benefit from it. What if you pass it on then we -- all benefit from it. It's not always easy to be a teacher especially if you -- on the note of the finest service what -- can be gone. One of you sitting out here is the next -- John. John Norman John mid single off John slocum -- champ ball Mike will book Mike -- on -- We all waiting to hear your thoughts and -- ideas and waiting to read your opinions. We all got -- somewhere. And hopefully we have kept moving forward. It's you what time. The fire services looking for the new shining stars to stop often lead -- forward are you ready. You should be. We are here because of the people that went before us and made the finest service what it is. The firefighters and officers went before us and made the -- has served this great such as chief ray Downey who courage and valor award is named -- Chief -- -- Andrew Fredericks these men helped shape my career in the -- and why won't my first captain. Captain Dan Moore show who was and still is one of my heroes. Dan was a -- a lot of lot of 43 when I got there. And he taught me how to be -- -- because. He was the captain. He walked the walk. And he talked the talk because he was -- leader. And the teacher. He let me know what he expected from me and that he would help me any way he -- -- he would teach me what I needed to not. He was a great man. I have the honor of carrying -- number 662000. Beds at captain Dan carried. Okay these men were meant to -- they were role models to anyone who wanted or asked for -- helpful guidance. They lead by example. Whether it was popular and not. They when not afraid to do things to make the -- service bad. No one had to ask or wonder if it was gone because if it was right it was -- It was -- right. The question is now all you will roll mop. Or you lament are you -- friends. Two new members of the fire service. And as a -- member of the finest service are you listening to what is said. Are you passing on your knowledge your passion. You'll -- OK do you know the history of your department. And of your company. You have pride and ownership. In -- department. Do you wear your uniform. With honor. -- you an example. Every man -- woman can be an example. What is it for good or bad. Okay the -- service is changing and that's a fact. Some of the slaughtered one -- India was not around we want recorded -- rubble bullets we had the orange -- gloves that melted when I got hot. -- -- Okay give gloves that -- to fly fight us. Some people wanna go to those days they long for the old days when we had wooden ladders and -- -- men. When SE BA's we're not used in men went defiance every night those days -- god. And we better be ready for the fire as of today. Because buildings. And the materials in -- have changed. The fire -- not hotter. Then they were in the old days but they reach their peak temperature much quicker than ever before. Would -- to take thirty minutes now takes as little as a 120. Seconds to minutes. These changes -- making fire -- more dangerous for us. Because -- water was not quite quickly. Firefighters and -- offices inside will be in danger. Not using SE BA is going to get you heart or kill it. Each of us should make a commitment to walk own safety. When we leave the finance service we'd be able to live a long and healthy -- time. So why are you here. We are -- to make a difference and hopefully the better the finest service. The one problem we have is in some circles -- a move to -- the finest service into a business plan and a business format. These people think that that approach will make this better and more efficient. People who make the decisions about the finest service or not the ones fighting defiance. They have never -- down a hallway they don't know what Hobbits. Things are being done based on the people making our equipment not the ones wearing it. If you are not the people who care about the finest service allow that to happen. Then we make fire fighting just a job. Firefighting -- not a job it's a career it's a passion. It's a vocation. My dad used to say -- -- vocation. -- -- -- -- All one in the same you'll never work a day in -- life. If you love what you do and you are passionate about it you'll have a -- -- -- Okay and we who love have the passion and the pride of what we use we use words like duty pride tradition. We learned from the people before us and we use these words to define our jobs and -- duties. And therefore ourselves. We will -- We believe that we can and do make changes in the finest service. And by doing that we change -- world. If we change the world and make a difference and we are truly doing God's work. We need the 1%. Who truly lead. Teach and -- to believe that we honor those who came before us by upholding the love and respect of what we do. And where we came for. I want to thank my good friend Bobby Holton for inviting me to speak to you today. I would also like to thank the folks at -- -- corporation mr. bikini for letting me have this time to spend with you. A most importantly I would like to thank the people in my life who made this day possible my mom and dad who won this every single day. Told people my career lot of positive impact on me who taught me meant to me just point to me in the right direction while putting up with me. I wanna say thank you okay lastly I want to thank -- -- my Brothers and sisters who helped me find my way as I grow up. To my daughters our family who have had to put up with -- -- being gone a lot I gotta say thank you. To my wife missy. Thank you without you'll love and support I would never been able to any of this to all of you I thank you wall with all my -- Please remember firefighting has not just the job what a noble clause to leave this world a better place. If you leave the finest service a better place for your being in it then you are having an impact and doing God's work. Anyone can make a statement. And some noises but not many people have the courage to make -- difference by making change. All you making a difference. If not why not. To paraphrase president Kennedy have you -- what you can do for the finest service not what the finest service is doing -- you. If not why not. Why -- you here. Thank you for your time thank you for listening to me please be safe may god bless you when you always as always god bless America. Thank you. Well thank you so much for being here at the 83 FDIC. You really make the show. I don't know how to thank you all for common classes will be starting up and about. Thirty minutes so you got time to get overseer respective classrooms. Welcome to the new building welcomes the new FDIC. Remember we've got the tomorrow night and tomorrow night or tonight rather we've got the fools bash out there we've got -- -- tonight tomorrow about the five get everybody's running tomorrow right. We got the five -- tomorrow night courage and valor please sign up -- were running in memory is Steve we've got Steve on our shirts. We've got all kinds of stuff we -- combat challenge memorial stair climb on Friday if you haven't signed up. 343 the first three or 43 get to -- in memory of 9/11 Lucas Oil. There's going to be in the union party Friday night don't forget that. It's an air and stop shop rocket role in the Indiana ballroom make sure you make it there what's a great stuff be -- off. Again thank you so much for being here thank you to everybody from the -- the IFD the color guard. This is Downey god bless you thank you so much for coming to such an have you here -- Washington. -- friends from India thank you so much -- Sharma was the chief of the Delhi fire department. Of course. -- all. God bless everyone stay safe enjoy FDIC we'll -- back tomorrow god bless you my night.

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