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FDIC 2011 Opening Ceremony: Remarks from Local and State Dignitaries

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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

The governor of Indiana and mayor of Indianapolis speak before FDIC 2011.


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Governor of the state of Indiana Mitch Daniels. Thank you for letting me come and tell you how much Indiana -- you as individuals. As members here departments and particularly as guests in our state. -- -- Love catch anybody Holland show every year to that is one of the great performances that comes through our town. But -- what I love most is just the chance to. Tell you on the have a six and a half million hoosiers as we call ourselves. That you're not gonna come to a place. In this country more patriotic or place that. -- and respect people who served tour in the -- you do and we are so proud you come here. And so and so I'm glad I hope I hope that day you'd like our new facility. Which we've built just for you. Two. To make sure that you never leave this you know. Each year when I get this brief opportunity to say hello -- that is love to look out. At this incredible assemblage and I -- courage. -- -- dedication. -- see dollar signs. You are. Among the biggest meetings that comes here on a regular basis I think you made -- on at least. Multiyear basis you may be. The biggest and happy to -- you're. One that brings as many dollars into our economy is anything -- spend freely. Enjoy -- -- thoroughly but do you know as I hope you already do. That. We in Indiana. Revere very much -- fire service we do -- -- hand. Two -- supported. Promote it enhances we don't have to do much. Remind our fellow citizens. Of the life and death risks that you run for us think that pretty much know that. -- that will make sure they never lose sight of it and I hope that you'll never lose sight of Indiana and Indianapolis. As the home for this greatest meeting of the year thanks so much for be endless. The mayor of the city -- Indianapolis. Greg Ballard. -- -- about -- good to be here once again today. She's a very good faces -- -- very open early today that's really good and relatives sometimes what you do at night. Does -- lend itself to getting up. Early so I do per -- very much. Our -- welcome our our guest from India it's. Very nice to have them here today just a few months ago actually we were in India I'm gonna Hyderabad and Mumbai and Delhi wonderful country and I I'm just so happy that. We have guessed from a great country over here. As it is every -- come -- -- my privilege to welcome all of you to city and outlets were public safety is always job one. I do hope you're enjoying your visit here and take some time to explore the downtown as I know some of you do. I have to apologize a little bit for all construction going on. There's a lot going on -- as you -- -- repair these roads and sidewalks. We are working really to create a unique convention in pedestrian. And events venue along Georgia street which connects Conseco fieldhouse. To the convention center and that's going that'll be done next November so next time you come up here you'll see that what what that. We'll look like you'll be of more horrible more than anything else and never ever really we'll have a dramatic effect. On our downtown so we'll have even more space for the tourism in the entertainment. Which is really big dropper convention business I apologize for the construction but it should be squared -- for next year. You know in your job your one of the toughest jobs imaginable. You put yourself in harm and harm's way every day. To protect and to serve others in the trading and the instruction. Provided. At this conference which is so important for you I'm sure you know that the this conference is so important. Is absolutely critical to make sure that you those you -- you'd teach. Make it home safely. -- your loved ones so please take this conference very seriously. And because of the -- this conference to your discipline we are very proud to host this every year. We love having in the city than -- and we are committed here in an apples to keeping our Indianapolis firefighters safe and well trained. We are really happy to be home to one of most progressive part apartments in the nation when it comes to the issues of health and safety. Equipment. And standards you're very proud of our for our department. And we have achieved this recognition and support the efforts of the far servers. Even during these tough economic times but keep your talk talks between the city and the far department and our local very open and very productive and we have a great relationship. So I urge you to take full advantage of all the opportunities. And offers -- -- over the next few days both in the classroom. And at the hot side to -- the hot sites have been going very well for you. So appreciate the fact. Please learn all that you possibly can't go home make your community safer that is very important to us your citizens will be. Very grateful obviously for that also. I need to echo what the governor -- spend freely it's all good. But be safe also and we do appreciate you being here today I love coming -- this conference. I love since so many -- From across the nation and across the world here. It speaks well I think for the city than Apple's but -- speaks even better about how much you care. About what you do on a daily basis. Is so torture communities and I don't what -- -- ever forget that. I know sometimes in the source of public safety. Arenas these disciplines. That can be very difficult times. On a day to day basis you impact -- make a difference. You are making a difference. Making huge difference you communities all the time don't ever forget that please take away from here what you can. Spread around make sure that your community's continued obviously responsible. Thank you so much for coming in and -- please enjoy the week. This fire department. Brian Stanford. Well good morning. And on behalf of -- over 12150. Men and women have the Indianapolis barred apartment it's my pleasure to welcome -- to Indianapolis. We are honored to host the -- department instructors conference here in Indianapolis again for the seventeenth time. FDIC is you know the leader in advancing education and safety in the fire service and we are proud to be a part of it. And we are honored to have so many -- America's bravest here with us this week. Indianapolis is an outstanding community with a world class -- department that has served the city residents for over a 150 years. The 2007 Super Bowl champion colts Indiana Pacers. Indianapolis Indians in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway are just a few of the -- attractions that we have to offer. As you visit the downtown area and abundance of restaurants shopping and cultural attractions the -- you. While you're here please consider yourself a part of our firefighting family. Those who bravely serve our great city are eager to assist you in any way possible. As we see -- throughout the week please feel free to introduce yourself and ask questions you might have. If we can be of service during your visit please ask. Please also feel free to visit any of our 44 fire stations. -- enjoy the hospitality of your fellow Brothers and sisters. Make sure you stop by the museum at the firefighters locals or sixteen union hall and experience a piece of our history. -- if you're here on Friday don't miss out on the locals hospitality hospitality at the comparable event. You will be well provided for in the fellowship with other firefighters is unsurpassed. I look forward to seeing you throughout the week in at the many events going on around the city. Like the courage and valor. Five K fun run stop drop rock and roll in the battle the -- Again we're excited to have you here and have a great time while you're an Indy. --

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