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FDIC 2011: Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award

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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

Mr. Robert Biolchiini, CEO of PennWell Corp. presents the Ray Downey Jr. Courage and Valor Award to FDNY's Firefighter First Class Peter Demontreux .


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It's now our honor and our privilege to pay tribute to the memory of our fellow -- firefighters who lost one decade ago on nine -- By presenting an award that memorialized -- the name and legacy of deputy chief ray Downey. One of the greatest firefighters. And one of the greatest leaders of our time. Please join me in welcoming the Chief Executive Officer -- corporation the parent company of fire engineering and FDI CMR. Robert FB key. It's always there. Great pleasure to be here do dress -- The and before we -- start about the presentation. I want to welcome. All of you who are. My fellow Americans. And our Brothers the Canadians. And then I'd like to -- particular. Attention to our friends from India who came all the way over. And we are having a show in India. And -- with the hope. Are bringing the skills of your profession here. Over to India and so. Welcome all of you can do with that. I'll start my little talk. I'm again honored to be here with you this morning. Celebrating the life and legacy. Of chief ray Downey. By participation. In the 83 annual fire department instructors conference. This year. 2011. Marks the tenth anniversary. Of one of the darkest. Days. In our nation's history. A day of tremendous -- But also a day of exceptional about. Courage and sacrifice. And that's sacrificed. For almost all firefighters. Has continued to be the gold standard. For your profession. This entire decade. With that thought. In mind it gives me tremendous. -- 200 issue to a very important member of today's audience. The wife of battalion chief ray Downey mrs. Rosalie Downey Rosalie please stand up. Then the the thank you Rosalie. And congratulations. And and the dedication at the Downey family. Has toured the FDIC. -- the -- profession is example here for all of us so. We we appreciate you and -- your husband. And was a wonderful friend. And a -- dedicated Christians so thank you. 2011. -- marks the fifteenth anniversary. A -- well and -- engineering direction. Of the FDIC. Conference's. On behalf of all of us at -- well and fire engineering. Welcome to the FDIC. 2011. Conference and exhibition. And then that North American firefighters. Have made the single. Largest and most important fire fighting show in the world. Thank you for your participation. And continuing support. Without you we would not have a wonderful show what and in the great safety. Instructors that we have here so thank you very much. As is CEO -- well I am very proud that really humbled. They have so many professionals. Who put your lives on the line to be here to be able to support. And directs the most meaningful fire training. And educational event in the world. To deliver this world class program. We have many great partners. I cannot possibly name all of them. But please accept my deepest appreciation. To all -- -- selfless efforts. Make this great conference possible. You have made it FDIC. And event firefighters around the world needy. And are proud and eager to support. And be -- part. Further I will like to extend a special thank you so all of you firefighters here today. Not only your participation. During this special week but also for your dedication. To your duties. Throughout -- year. Ensuring safety. For your families your friends. Your community and by placing yourself. In harm's way repeatedly. When you work well. This morning I am once again deeply honored. To participate in the presentation. Of the ray Downey courage and valor -- war. Chief ray Downey was an extraordinary man who thought. To -- -- throughout his life. Personified fire service. Courage and -- Chief Downey was famous for his accomplishments. In his service to New York City as well as his service to Oklahoma City. When we had the bombing. Of the mercenary and the nation and yet he was a homo. But passionate professional. To the end -- was a man of great spirit it was fun to be around them. He I met him first time at at this -- many years ago. -- is our humble man who repeated during his illustrious career many times. That he was just doing his job. Fire -- was a job that chief Downey took it seriously. As his earlier commitment. To the United States Marine Corps. It is is same spirit. Of dedication to duty. That this award bearing his name represents. The courage and valor foundation. Mission. Is to help honor an individual firefighter. Each year whose actions. Breach extraordinary. Heights. The courage and -- foundation and this perpetual endowment. Well assists the American fire services. In continuing to recognize. Chief Downey and those firefighters. Who bravely. Whose bravery and actions in the in the face of certain. No harm. Miss America mirrored here that is. This morning. We gathered to honor another true American hero. FDNY. Firefighter first rate Peter demonstrable. Firefighter c'mon throw records and recorded acts of bravery under late life threat. Meaning. Conditions resulted in saving. The lives of the two men. Whom without his intervention. Would have succumbed to a tragic trade. Fighter -- firefighter -- Montrose actions reflect. On the fire service and it's true drugs. So today. We we recognize him individually. But in a greater sense. His actions all of you are facing in performing each day when -- call. The courage and valor foundation which is to expand its appreciation and thanks. To the national fallen firefighters foundation. Represented on stage here today by director racer -- And the national. Fire academy alumni association's. President. Ron -- man is standing here. Today with us as well. We are grateful to these men. And their associations. They represent for assisting. In the rate -- any courage and valor award selection process. Now please join me in welcoming FDNY. Battalion chiefs Joe Downey and shut down you raise sons. For the presentation. Of the 211 ray Downey. Courage and valor award and by the way -- participate. In the selection process. And it's very we -- in depth look at. Many many who have. Who have who have been submitted. As candidates and and they helped tremendously. And discerning. Who. She has shown the most courage and valor so I appreciate they're taking the time each year to participate. In this election as well also thank you. Thank you Bob. On behalf of the -- -- family. Thank you for continuing to memorialize the legacy of -- father. With this tremendously important award. Thank you also Bob. This year. Marks the tenth anniversary. Of the tragic day at 9/11. Is a fitting coincidence that this year's award winner is a member of the FDNY. -- firefighter whose heroics resulting saving two lives. The actions of five fight repeated the -- whom we -- here this morning. -- power training and dedication can result the most important result saving lives. That is right -- Five Qaeda to Montreal performed his duty -- under adverse and dangerous flight threatening condition -- I remain calm and focused even though he himself was being exposed to extremely high temperatures. And -- -- -- direct flame. His actions. In those early morning now is example -- The highest traditions of the -- service. But before we -- -- by the -- story we want to express our family's gratitude to the coverage in Bala foundation. We -- also like to thank defiant engineering -- and staff is quote continuously. On the lookout for particularly courageous acts to request nominations. -- -- selection process has several components. Each involving firefighters from across the country. We received reports of on apparel bravery. And is always an extremely difficult task to narrow it down to just one firefighter. Whose actions rose above all others. But in the -- analysis again this year there was one who stood above the rest one candidate that my brother night. Agreed reminded us by his actions about father chief -- -- And -- to 2011 recipient of the ray Downey courage and valor award. In the early morning hours of August 30 2010. -- -- 132 received a phone a lot reporting a structural fire. At one -- five Putnam avenue in Brooklyn. While en route -- -- 32 received several reports of multiple people trapped throughout the building. And did you 35 arrived first and transmitted 1075. For a fire any fourth story brownstone. That 132 personnel arrived. As the first -- truck came and met with heavy fire at the front door in the hallway. And up to stairway to this third floor preventing their entry into a hole is -- to be put into place. As the latter 130 twos inside team waited on the front steps for -- hallways lined. Other members -- 132 was set up an area for rescue -- a man who was at the front window of the third floor with heavy smoke pushing out all around him. Fight fight the Montrose climb the aerial and pulled mr. Howell from the window. Five by the -- was told by -- how that his friend was still inside the burning apartment. -- 130 -- inside team was still waiting for a hose line and unable to into the stairwell. Five cited the macho -- that third floor window via the aerial ladder and began -- search. Five cited the mantra was able to search the front room but was forced to retreat back to the window because of the high heat condition. And -- zero visibility. Fife -- of -- to. On the air lattice invented the windows in the front of the upon me to allow some of the blistering heat and smoke to his -- This allowed firefight at the my intro to resume his search. With conditions improve slightly he was able to make his way to the rear of the apartment. Went five cited the monster reached the -- he discovered missed the man Tony hanging out a rear window at sixty to heat. Realizing that there were no fire escapes a portable ladders in the re air -- five cited the -- without regard for his own safety. Determine that the only way out was through -- window which he came and too high heat in zero visibility five by the Montreal led mr. man Tony back toward the front window. When they were halfway through the apartment dean tied third four exploded into flames. Engulfing both men and setting them ablaze. Fight fight demise of rescue to still on the aerial it to window immediately transmitted in May date believing that fight fight the Montrose. And the victim could be lost in the explosion of fire. Demonstrating. Incredible bravery and selflessness. Five cited the -- so. Now himself on fire made -- -- and calculated decision. That he would not leave this demand Tony behind. Although he now found himself and it's fully. And aides fully involved room at extreme personal risk he stayed which was witnessed -- -- Tony and continued to assist him to the window. And the aerial at a device for an escape. When he reached out window five -- the macho again displayed incredible selflessness. And bravery by resisting the urge to save himself first. Ignoring his immediate personal danger intense heat extreme personal risk he pushed -- demand Tony. Out of the window -- not to latter 130 twos. Aerial ladder before dining out the window onto -- himself. Firefighters from engine to ninety -- street below what they charged hose line. Seeing five by the Montreal mr. -- -- exiting on the latter. On fire they open up -- hand line on a two man -- attempt to extinguish the flames. Firefighters on latter won 32 assisted five by the -- -- demand Tony down Aladdin to awaiting medical assistance. Mr. man Tony received burns over 50% of his body and continues with long term cost of -- -- that's a tough one hospitalization. The tongue tied at. Five by the -- suffered first and second degree burns to his face and back upon it's actionable fight fight the Montrose personal protective equipment. Was condemned for extreme amount of -- damaged. It's sustained in the rescue. -- the morning of August 30 2010. Firefighter -- Montrose displayed great courage. Determination. And tenacity. In the performance of this rescue. If not for their heroic actions of firefighters remind pro mr. -- Tony. Would have faced certain death. Firefighter to Montrose dedication. And aggressive actions. In saving the lives of another. Are in the highest tradition. Of FDA and mind. He demonstrated and faltering and focus. Well being in -- in punishing flash over conditions. And remain committed to saving the life. Of mr. mind Tony. Firefighter to Montrose on faltering dedication despite the intensity. Despite pain and risk to himself exemplifies. The highest tradition. Of the fires service. Firefighters -- Montrose presence of mind. Selflessness. And ability to maintain his awareness. Under extremely stressful. And personal. Personally damage had dangerous circumstances. Made him. I hero. Peter -- Monroe. Has been a firefighter with the FDNY for nine years. He is currently working in Brooklyn on -- 130 to his brother is also a member of of FN DY. Lieutenant Louis to Montrose and he is assigned to engine 154. Peter resides in Staten Island and his wife Gina and their four children. Peter junior Allison Evelyn and -- us. For this for his extraordinary. Courage. And valor -- well and fire engineering are honored. To present firefighter Peter -- -- -- With the 211 ray -- courage and valor award along with a check for 35000. Dollars. From the fire engineering courage and valor foundation. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you. Are -- for 2011. FDNY. Firefighter Peter demand for -- You will show. -- -- --

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