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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

The local Indianapolis news station reports on the conference.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the biggest conventions of the year is now under way downtown Indianapolis 30000 firefighters from around the globe are here for the annual fire department instructors conference. -- news reporter Julie personally with that -- morning's opening ceremonies replaying my. That was paid the ultimate sac -- he joined the line but the closer look at the conference generally. Good afternoon great conference the place where firefighters from all over. -- -- it -- -- -- remember. There you read. As firefighters from across the globe gather in Indianapolis. They are remembering those who wants -- lives in the line of duty over the last year. The opening ceremonies for the fire department instructors conference also included -- special ten year anniversary tribute. Two firefighters who died on 9/11. And reflect on how well we have appreciated. The example that -- enough for us at such a deal products detergent bell or report named after one of those fallen firefighter trade Downey was handed down. It went to New York firefighter Peter de -- -- -- -- to mend from a burning building despite the fact his clothing caught on fire doing the rescue I. I did the best I could I mean I ain't I pretty much. Do my job this in my -- -- and they fire academy. Yeah and I'm happy about that. This conference is a chance for firefighters to share their experience and knowledge. Through special he -- on training. And seminars the training that they offer is just exceptional media pack two. Constantly train. And skills -- role in the -- -- -- -- -- I'm going to lawlessness and. Teach them what out of this whole book it's also a chance for them to see that latest in technology. Like these reflective strips that can help like to wait for firefighters. When there and they dark smoky building -- actually illuminate the search area. But more importantly help. Firefighters get this orientations they know how to get in and out of -- room safe. Firefighters say what they learned this -- in Indianapolis can make a difference in their communities for years to come. These firefighters are also leaving a lasting impact on -- community that insulate. That conference expected this from about thirty million dollars into our local economy. Reporting like downtown at that convention center earthly six.

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