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Wed, 23 Mar 2011|

The local Indianapolis news station reports on the conference.



One of the biggest conventions of the year is now underway in downtown Indianapolis. 30,000 firefighters from around the globe are here for the annual Fire Department Instructors Conference. 6 News reporter Julie Pursley was at this morning's opening ceremonies, where firefighters took time to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. She joins us live at noon [INAUDIBLE] with a closer look at the conference. Julie. >> Good afternoon Grace. You know the conference is a place where firefighters from all over can come and learn life-saving training. It's also a chance for them to remember, other heroes. As firefighters from across the globe gather in Indianapolis, they are remembering those who lost their lives in the line of duty over the last year. The opening ceremonies for the Fire Department Instructors Conference also included this special ten year anniversary tribute. To firefighters who died on 9/11. >> And reflect on how well we have appreciated the example that they left for us at such a dear price. >> The courage and valor reward named after one of those fallen firefighter's Ray Downy. Was handed out. In went to New York firefighter, Peter Demontro. Who saved two men from a burning building. Despite the fact his clothing caught on fire during the rescue. >> I did the best I could. I mean I pretty much did my job as some way I was taught in the fire academy, and it worked out, and I'm happy about that. >> This conference is a chance for firefighters to share their experience and knowledge. Through special hands-on training and seminars. >> The training that they offer is just exceptional. You have to constantly train, earn your skills. >> Oh I going to class when I go back. I'm going through all the shifts and teach them what I've learned so far. >> It is also a chance for them to see the latest in technology, like these reflective strips that can help light the way for fire fighters. When they are in a dark smokey building. >> Will actually illuminate the search area, but more importantly help firefighters get positional orientation so they know how to get in and out of a room safely. >> Firefighters say what they learn this week in Indianapolis can make a difference in their communities. For years to come. These firefighters are also leaving a lasting impact on our community financially. The conference is expected to pump about 30 million dollars into our local economy. Reporting live downtown outside of the convention center, Julie Persley, six news

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